A guide to dealing with a smashed window

Having a smashed window is thankfully rare, but if it happens to you, it can be a shocking and traumatising experience. The most important thing to remember is to keep calm, take a deep breath and try to avoid making any rash decisions. Here is a helpful guide on the steps to take if you suffer a smashed window:

  1. Make sure your home is secure

The first important step is to make your home secure again as soon as possible. If you feel comfortable enough, collect any big shards and dispose of them safely and carefully. Examine both sides of the window frame so nobody is exposed to possible injury. Get a vacuum cleaner to pick up any small loose shards around the area and the floor. Obviously, having a shattered window compromises your home’s security, so call an emergency glazier straight away. For Emergency Glaziers Leicester, visit https://www.nandu.co.uk/glazing/replacement-glazing/

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If the smash has occurred late at night, you’ll want to secure it asap, even if that means a temporary fix until the next day. Don’t know how to board up a window? Most emergency glaziers can provide an emergency ‘boarding up’ service. This is the quickest way to secure your home temporarily before the glass can be replaced.

Call the police

If the smashed window is not the result of an accident but criminal activity, you’ll want to inform the police as soon as possible. If it looks like vandalism or a burglary, you’ll want to inform the police so you can obtain a crime reference number for insurance purposes.

Why might my window have shattered?

Glass is always going to be the weakest point of entry into a building. 30% of break-ins occur through windows, so there is a high need to make them as secure as possible. The manufacturers of double glazing are continually seeking innovations to increase window strength and protection.

Very rarely, glass has been known to crack out of the blue. This tends to effect cheaper glazing than those at the top end of the quality spectrum. This could happen if the window has been fitted incorrectly so that the glass is at greater risk of flexing. Variations in temperature and humidity also increase the risk of sudden cracking, particularly when you crank up the heating in winter and the outside temperature is very low.

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To avoid this potential problem, always invest in the best quality windows and make sure they are fitted by experienced professionals to be airtight and the highest quality materials. Choosing better reinforced windows can help save you from big headaches in the future. Those that also offer better energy efficiency mean less moisture accumulation and no draughts that could lead to potential cracking issues. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind that your windows are far tougher for anyone to smash or break into.


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