Adding some extra comfort to your Eames Rocking Chair

When you have spent time searching for that perfect chair and then you finally settle on an Eames Chair from you can find yourself spending a lot of your time sat curled up in it. Whether you are sat reading a good book or perhaps enjoying your favourite television series the chair is bound to quickly become your favourite place to be.

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To add an extra level of luxury to this already incredible chair why not make yourself a throw cover to position over it and to use to snuggle up under during the colder winter evenings. By making your own throw you can match it exactly to the colours and décor of the room and you can also be sure that no one else will have a throw like it.

Here are some tips to set you off on the right path.

Measuring up the area that you want cover is the first step that you want to undertake and the best way to do this is either to measure the area around your chair or to measure your own height and your width when you have both arms outstretched to the side. This rectangular measurement is now the size of material that you need to purchase.

There are a number of fabric choices that you can use to make your throw, and this will depend very much on whether you want to go for the softer feel fleece fabrics or options such as cotton that would normal be used when producing a quilted throw. If you are looking at the latter options, then you also want to include a piece of batting on your shopping list.  You need to ensure that you have two pieces of fabric one for each side of your throw. There are also ways of creating no sew fleece throws and a quick google search will give you the instructions.

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Once you have selected your fabric you can lay the pieces out ready for sewing. If you have chosen to create a quilted throw you will now cut the material choices you have made into squares, rectangles or what shapes you plan on piecing together. You will then sew these into strips before assembling together in one large piece. Once you have the quilt piece competed you need to lay this right sides up onto the batting material and then onto your backing fabric. Sew around all four edges and finish off with some bias binding. If you have chosen fleece material, you will complete the same steps but missing out the pattern cutting and batting material.

By using bias binding around all four edges of the throw you remove the need to sew the item with right sides together before then turning the right way around and trying to sew the final section closed.

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