Office design trends

Revamping the workspace can lead to happier, more productive employees as well as being beneficial to their health. The biggest companies on the planet do not have workers sitting behind desks in a stuffy office with a solitary pot plant for company.

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Firms like Google believe that innovative people cannot be creative in a traditional office. They pioneered the modern office with indoor gardens, lounge areas, fun furniture like a selection of Reception Chairs that can be found at sites like Google’s office space is designed so colleagues can meet up and bounce ideas off one another and to be such a cool place that you won’t want to leave.

Working better together

Not every company can invest as heavily as Google, but there are other ways to redesign the workspace to improve it. Find ways of getting rid of partitions that block natural light or separate departments. The aim is to bring people together, not to divide them. Make sure all wires are hidden, as this can make a workspace look untidy or even be a hazard.

One popular trend for 2016 follows on from homes being designed to make the most of indoor-outdoor living. The idea in offices is to bring the outdoors in, by using wood panelling, natural floral patterns in fabrics and plants to form living walls.

Stand up to boost productivity

If your workers spend a long time at their desks, it may be wise to invest in standing desks. Sitting increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease, which is why standing desks are proving popular. They are also believed to increase productivity, particularly if used in meetings. Adjustable desks are available, so you can choose to sit or stand. If workers realise that they can burn 170 more calories by standing for an afternoon instead of sitting, they might want to try it.

If you have room, set aside a space for casual meetings with sofas or oval-shaped desks, if you don’t want standing desks. These multipurpose spaces can be used for a quick meeting, multimedia presentations or to meet clients.

When redecorating, think about the colours to use as some can boost productivity and creativity, such as green, blue and yellow. Other colours, like grey and beige, are bad for your emotions.