Using materials to make wall hangings

Wall hangings have become increasingly popular over recent years and many people are using them as interesting ways to add some design to their walls. They are most popular in living room and bedroom spaces but they can be used anywhere that you wish. It is important to think about how the wall hanging will fit in with your existing decor and ensure that you choose ones made from materials and colours that will complement what you already have.

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In some cases people like to make their own wall hangings and you can do this using a variety of different materials. The materials that you choose will depend very much on what look you are trying to achieve as well as what materials you are comfortable and have experience of crafting with.

Tapestry – these are traditionally made from woollen yarn that is sewn in a pattern to make a picture. You can either freehand a design or there are lots of pre-made designs available for you to choose from.

Material – you can create wall hangings from material and this might be quilted to make a pattern or it may be using a technique such as applique. Material can be a good option if you are looking to pull your soft furnishing together as you can use similar materials to those in your curtains, pillows and cushions.

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Yarn – macrame has increased in popularity dramatically and lots of people look for a Macrame Kit like the ones that you can get from to start learning this craft. There are lots of different macrame yarns that can be used and these can be found in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

Artificial flowers – plant walls are very popular as they help to bring some of the greenery outside into your home. You can achieve this yourself by using artificial flowers that you like, or that are common in the season that you are creating the wall hanging for. You can purchase plastic squares that allow you to weave the stems of the flowers into it and you can then attach this to the wall of your choice.

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