What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting

What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting

Solar tube lighting systems have tons of benefits with some drawbacks. Actually, when homeowners planning to install the solar tube light then the most asked question is what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting though solar tube lighting has lots of benefits.

Initially, it doesn’t produce electricity but the newer model can produce electricity by Photovoltaic technology. A solar tube is not a substitute for an electric bulb. You can install it where you need less light like stairs, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

What is solar tube lighting?

Solar tube lighting system passes the sunlight through the tube into the house. The tube runs through the ceiling into the house. Since it conveys the sunlight through the tube so it is also known as sun tunnel, tubular skylight, daylight pipes, light tubes, etc.

A solar tube is made of metal and the inside of the tube is highly polished so that the light can reflect. A 10-inch tube can generate 300 watts.

What are the benefits of solar tube lighting?

Free source of energy: The source of solar tube lighting is the sun and it is totally free and unlimited. You don’t need to spend the money on the source.

Bright and efficientBright and efficient the drawbacks to solar tube lighting

Less pollution: Usual, power source of electricity convert the other power into the electricity. But solar tube lighting is 100% environmentally friendly. So there is no scope to pollute the environment.

Vitamin D enabled light source: The sunlight produces vitamin D if you walk under sunlight for 10 to 30 minutes. You can do it several times every week. The time is a little bit more for dark skin people. When the sunlight comes through the tube it also works to produce vitamin D.

Quick, easy, and practical installation: Installation of the solar tube lighting is easy and an experienced person can install it quickly. To install its workers don’t need any other connection so it is easy.

Low cost of maintenance: After installing something then the owner has to carry the maintenance cost. sometimes the maintenance is so expensive. But the maintenance cost of solar tube lighting is very low.

What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?

Limited design options: General lighting system various types of design with many features but solar tube lighting system hasn’t enough design as like as general.

Not suitable for every home: Conventional house roof has a slope between 15 to 60 degrees. The solar tube is more efficient on a slopy roof. It doesn’t work if you are installing in a shadow area where sunlight doesn’t come. If the roof of the house is flat then it is difficult to install solar tube lighting.

Monson season problem: Sunlight is the only source of the power supply. So during the Monson season or winter season when heavily blizzard then enough sunlight isn’t available. At this moment solar tube lighting can’t supply enough light.

Uses lots of space during installations: The tube needs more space than a normal electric connection. A 10-inch tube needs to produce light as same as a 300 watts bulb can. Where a 2 or 3 cm diameter wire can conduct more.