Three Post Winter Checks to Keep your Home in Good Repair

As winter draws to a close, now is the time to do spring cleaning, and make repairs to your home that may be needed after the bad weather over winter. Taking the time to do these things now can mean that you can get something done before it becomes a much more time consuming or expensive problem to solve.

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Here are some of the things that might need a bit of TLC after winter…

The Roof – Roofs take a bettering over the winter, so spend some time looking out for signs of damage to the roof. Pooling water on flat roofs is a clear sign that there is likely a problem. Also look out for damp patches as well as blocked gutters which can be a big problem after the winter as leaves and debris have blown around.

The Heating – Central heating is literally a life saver in the winter. If you have noticed any strange sounds from your boiler, or radiators have not been heating up it is a good idea to get someone in to look at it. It may be that you need a part of the boiler itself repaired, or you might need a replacement pipe like this Watkins and Powis copper pipe.

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The Garden – Being exposed to the elements the garden can really suffer in the winter. Now is the time to look for damaged areas like the fence or the greenhouse. You might also need to wash down the areas that have got grubby over the winter like decking.