How to Organize Kitchen Drawer Organizer Properly?

organize kitchen drawer

Having our home in perfect condition and organized is very satisfying. But when it comes to kitchen drawers, most of the time we overlook your organization. Most people can have an impeccable kitchen with the naked eye. But opening the kitchen drawers is frustrating because we almost always don’t have the desired divisions.

Or we have many things that we don’t use. Today a more clear kitchen is much more relaxing. Take into account that most of the time, we sometimes spend it on it. Either cooking, having coffee with the family or taking accounts.

How to organize kitchen drawer organizer?

Having an organized kitchen in all its areas is undoubtedly very important. It is both for the view and for the functional part. The kitchen drawers usually give many lengths to deal with them. They are almost always full of cutlery, all messy.

organize kitchen drawer

So when you need to take one, you often lose time looking for what you need. But surely this can change. Certainly, the kitchen drawers can be modified to take advantage of all the storage and are much more practical, comfortable and functional.

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But how could we organize our kitchen drawers intelligently and functionally? First, although very basic but important, you must get rid of all those things you always have but never use. It is amazing all the utensils we buy just to see them attractive.

And this makes us accumulate many things that only occupy space unnecessarily. So the first step should be to just leave the things you need, just like the ones you use from time to time. Leaving only the things you require is an excellent option to free up some space.

Of course, it will incredibly help you to organize your kitchen drawers. Once you have the objects or utensils separately by priority, that is, those that you always use, those that you use infrequently and what you do not need, you will be ready to start organizing your kitchen drawers.

Kitchen drawers are much more than just for cutlery. Apart from the cutlery, we also often have small objects that we always use in our kitchen. Such as measuring spoons, corkscrews, among many other things. You could organize them in the kitchen drawers or you can also place them in the doors of your cabinets.

You could also think of placing them on the walls with magnets if they are metal objects. TEAM 7, is an Austrian company, designers and creators of extraordinary furniture. To our fortune, they have thought and taken into account the organization of kitchen drawers.

Its latest design of kitchen drawers has different sections schematized for the various uses and functions. The modular design presented to us has a combination of removable trays, dividers. Also blocks of knives, inserts, aluminum foil rolls and spice jars can be individually structured.

Similarly, a solid wood chopping board can be included as part of the kitchen drawer accessories. More and more are being seen using drawers much more than kitchen cabinets. And honestly, it is much more practical. TEAM 7 has also created these drawers to place the plates and bowls.

They have wooden dividers, which can be moved according to the size of the dishes you wish to store. You might think that it is much better to have all the spices on the countertop or magnetized on the wall, and yes, it is an option. But why leave them insight when you can perfectly use your kitchen drawers and hide them? We can also use kitchen drawers to store spices.

Design, comfort and functionality

organize kitchen drawer

Today the design has evolved so much that we can find kitchen drawers where you can store and charge mobile phones and tablets. This is an excellent option for people who really spend a lot of time in that area of ​​the house. Special drawers for knife storage are ideal.

First they are at waist level. It is slightly obstructing the reach of the little ones in the house. It also helps reduce accidents by taking a knife when we place it all together, avoiding cuts when stored safely.

Something important that must be taken into account when organizing kitchen drawers is to distribute the kitchen in areas. The kitchen area, the cleaning area, the serving area, among others. In this way, when organizing your drawers, you must place the objects you need most depending on the area in which you are.

Organizing kitchen drawers is really essential for better functionality. And you can be sure that it is also an optimal way to save time and work. The basic idea of ​​organizing the kitchen drawers is to locate each object where it is much easier to take it when it is needed.

A good location is necessary to facilitate work in the kitchen. Always remember that everything has its place. Depending on the budget of each person, you could opt for designs and personalized help from companies. Or simply choose to do it yourself.

In the market, there are cutlery trays and various dividers. You can perfectly fit in your drawers and organize them as you want, but always taking into account your comfort and functionality in your kitchen when working.

Final thought,

In truth, there is no mandatory rule for you to organize kitchen drawers optimally. The key is simply that you organize everything safely and that you feel as comfortable as possible using your kitchen, adapting it to your needs and pace of life.