How to Design Modern Farmhouse Exterior and Interior

modern farmhouse exterior

Despite popular belief, modern houses do not follow popular fashion trends every year. They focus on structural simplicity, order and functionality. Its walls are mainly monochromatic. In its construction and decoration, basic materials are used where clean architectural lines are the basis. This style includes minimalist and Bauhaus spaces, as well as houses with lots of glass in the form of cubicles.

How to design a modern farmhouse exterior?

These modern homes offer simple lines and simple proportions, open designs, and abundant natural light. They are descendants of the international style of architecture. It was developed in the 1920s. Flat or low-slope ceilings, large extensions of glass, strong Connection with outdoor space, and unadorned walls are its main features.

Cement, wood, glass, and stone facades

modern farmhouse exterior

Modern buildings choose wood, glass, cement, and stone as the main materials. The design is based on straight and simple lines, in which the materials contrast in texture, achieving surfaces that differ markedly from the others.

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Facades with a lot of glass

Facades with a lot of glass

The expansion of the home beyond the boundaries of the rooms is a growing trend in modern architecture. The glass facades were driven mainly by the search for the opening of the house towards the natural landscape that surrounds it, allowing it to illuminate the interior with lots of natural light.

Thanks to advanced technology, glass facades not only fulfill an aesthetic function, but can also respond to the main demands of the house, such as security, sound insulation, and sustainability.

Modern one-story houses

Modern one-story houses

The single-story houses for not have stairs and are really very comfortable. For this reason, they are ideal for families with children or for the elderly.

Prefabricated modern houses

Prefabricated modern houses

Prefabricated houses or modules are one of the economic options to consider. In the market, you can find good options at very reasonable prices.

Modern houses with pool

Modern houses with pool

And for those who can afford to build a pool to enjoy the summer, these photos can be very inspiring.

Modern farmhouse Interiors

The modern interior design emphasizes strong lines, lack of ornamentation and minimal texture. Simple furniture and stunning modern art are used to complement the raw architecture. In a modern house, lighting is a key structural element that accentuates architectural details and highlights focal points. Modern design can be loved or hated, as many appreciate its minimalist, tidy feel, while others prefer the heat and variety found in other styles.

These types of houses are characterized by great natural lighting, a characteristic that almost all of us aspire to have in our home, and a wide visual panorama since they generally have large windows, which allows us a greater sense of contact with nature.

They are ideal houses to take with a minimalist decoration, since this increases the feeling of space and luminosity in the environment, thus maximizing the functionality of the wide openings.

The materials that are most compatible with this type of home are wood, steel, cotton, and leather since they are all materials that occupy a central role in modern decoration. Therefore they turn out to be quite simple spaces to be decorated.

This style is characterized by the lack of ornaments, decorative and elaborate moldings are eliminated and textures take center stage. Special emphasis is placed on rectangular shapes and horizontal and vertical lines. In this way, the design is based on linked squares and rectangles.

Materials are used differently than in previous centuries. Steel columns are used as exposed applications and cement is used as finishing material. Stained concrete floors are left exposed. Steel beams allow ample and very bright spaces. Radiant heating systems are the most used. The walls have a smooth and simple coating.

Special emphasis is placed on large and open spaces. Walls, doors, and corridors do not define the rooms. The living room, dining room and kitchen tend to flow together as part of adjoining interior space, reflecting a more informal spirit and relaxed lifestyle.

They are oriented to harness the forces of nature and provide solar heat in the winter, while large openings provide shading and ventilation in the summer.

The materials are shown naturally and are displayed. Nothing is hidden to look like something else. The structural elements are revealed to show the structure and supports.

Colors in modern farmhouse exterior

Colors in modern farmhouse exterior

In modern homes, neutral colors predominate, such as white, gray, black, beige or brown. However, you can add small, vibrant notes of colors such as yellow, orange, blue, fuchsia, and green, to break the monotony of a monochrome space a bit.

In addition, as you can see, they are combined in a wide variety of unlimited possibilities, which is ideal for transmitting vitality and energy to the spaces, while creating accents through color.

Colors that are also perfectly combinable with neutral tones such as white and gray, thus softening the visual impact.

You can also add small gold-colored details, or incorporate some floral prints.

One of the main tasks of modern homes today is to integrate interior and exterior spaces as if they were one. It allows you to enjoy the courtyards and gardens with more comfort.

The construction of modern homes uses the physical characteristics of the land, where it is built as a starting point to connect interior and exterior designs. For example, rooms are built that open to courtyards, and glass walls that create a more fluid connection between interior and exterior spaces.