How to Clean Limescale From Taps? Step by Step Guideline

How to Clean Limescale From Taps? Step by Step Guideline

One of the most frequent problems that can affect faucets is lime. It not only makes the appearance of your faucet opaque and full of white marks but, in severe cases, it can obstruct the water outlet causing the faucets not to have enough pressure. In these cases, the filter is usually full of lime and small stones that prevent water from leaving without difficulty. In this article, you will explore how to clean limescale from taps with these tips.

How to clean limescale from taps?

Lime is one of the most common cleaning problems at home. Many times, the lime ends up forming stains on the tiles. Today, we are going to show you some tasks to remove these marks from the taps.

how to clean limescale from taps

Step 1:

A good trick to start removing lime and your faucets are bright and clean are to use alcohol. Just take alcohol and soak a gauze well, rub and you will see the results.

Another way to make all the house faucets free of lime is to sprinkle flour on the surface and then rub with a cloth or a half until shine comes out. You must do this with the tap completely dry for it to work.

Step 2:

Another way to remove lime from faucets is by using white vinegar thanks to its bleaching properties and its cleaning action. To do this, you will have to moisten a paper with vinegar and wrap the tap with it. Then take a plastic bag and cover it so that the vinegar begins to do its job.

You will have to let it sit for at least an hour to release the alkaline. Then, take a brush and rub the entire surface of the tap. Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry. You will see how good all the taps are. It will seem as if you had just bought it.

In the case of chrome faucets, it is better to use a lemon together with the vinegar for an optimal result. Take half of the lemon and rub it all over the surface. Leave on for an hour, rinse and dry well.

Step 3:

Another tip to leave your taps unpolluted is to use toothpaste. You can use your toothpaste to clean any faucet that is neither gold nor bronze effectively. When you apply the cream, use a soft cloth to scrub well and then rinse. If you see yellow spots around the faucets, you can mix some coarse salt with hot vinegar. Let it for an hour and with a brush rub hard.

Final step:

When the taps have lime, it is also worthwhile to review the filters because they will surely have lime. First, unscrew the filter, then immerse the filter in vinegar with hot water for a couple of hours. If you notice that there are still remains in the filter, take a needle and insert it into the holes to drag the stones. Then rinse with water, dry well and replace the filter in the tap. You will see that everything will be perfect and with the right pressure.

Many times the water does not come out of the taps with the pressure it should. In most cases, this is because the filter is clogged by lime and small pebbles that accumulate. To remove that embedded lime that clogs the tap, you just have to follow these steps.