How to clean air purifier filter? ( Very Simple Way )

Keeping the air purifier clean improves the efficiency of the appliance and eliminates bad odors and allergens from the air in your home. These are the steps you must follow to know how to clean air purifier.

In summer, the air purifier will become the appliance that you most needed in your home. It will be the only one in which you find comfort to withstand the dust place.

Like any other appliance, the air purifier needs minimal cleaning and maintenance to function properly for much longer. Before starting its use during any season, it is worth checking that the inner parts are in perfect conditions of use since the quality of the air you breathe in your home depends on it. Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Well? Get Solution

How to clean air purifier

Cleaning the air purifier is really simple and will not take you more than a few minutes. Manufacturers recommend performing this operation at least once a month. It depends on the use of the device and environmental situations.

The first step to clean the air purifier is to make sure that the device will not activate while you are manipulating the filters inside. It is best to completely turn off the device and even disconnect it from the power to prevent it from starting using the timer. Once this is done, you can begin to manipulate the interior with no risk.

How to clean air purifier filter

Maintenance of the air purifier

Access the interior of the air purifier by lifting the front cover of the device. Normally, on both sides, there is a small nail or protrusion to indicate that this is the place from which you have to pull slightly to lift it. They usually have a flange or retention system that yields by pulling the lid slightly.

Once you have accessed the inside, its filters are displayed. They usually consist of one or two grilles made of resin or some other easily cleaned material.

To remove them, you just have to release the lower part of the filter that will be held by tabs that are released by sliding the filter slightly upwards. Then, you just have to pull the filter out to completely disassemble it.

Some air purifiers include a second type of filter that collects dust particles, pollen, or mites preventing them from entering your home. These particle filters are usually smaller and made of cellulose and other materials that trap smaller particles.

These particle filters also need to be cleaned, so you must also remove them. To do this, you just have to carefully stretch to the side to free it from the tabs that hold it. Try not to fold or wrinkle it.

The cleaning of the filters also has no mystery. Resin filters, the largest, can be cleaned under the tap with mild soap and water or use a vacuum cleaner to remove embedded dust.

Under no circumstances should chemicals or abrasive detergents be used or scratch the filter fibers bluntly as this could damage it. Also, alter the space in the fiber network, create holes and preventing the proper functioning of the filter.

Particle filters are somewhat more delicate and should be cleaned well using a vacuum cleaner or by soaking them in warm water with a little neutral soap or dishwasher. Let it soaks for a few hours by lightly rubbing with your fingers. They should never be bent or drained since they would lose their structure and reduce efficiency.

Once clean, let dry in the shade, never in the sun or subject to heat as they could deform. Once a few hours have elapsed, and they are perfectly dry, they can be assembled in the reverse order.

First, install the particle filters by sliding them laterally over the clamping tabs, and then the resin filters sliding them to their original position and making sure that they are correctly held in position.

Close the outer lid of the split and reconnect the device or press the power button to start enjoying a pleasant temperature.


Performing this task of cleaning and maintaining the air purifier filters periodically. You will be able to maintain a hygienic and odor-free environment in your home. With this simple operation of the air purifier maintenance, you ensure an efficient operation for your air purifier, getting less energy, and your home reaches the desired temperature in less time.