How to make the most out of your conservatory

During a boiling hot summer, there is one room in the house that you should use a lot more if you have one. It’s the conservatory. It’s just made for this kind of weather, and Britons all over the nation will gladly be relaxing out in these with a nice cup of tea or maybe a naughty little Gin and Tonic. If you don’t have one, it’s high time you thought about having one. They are highly versatile, especially regarding how you use them.

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The conservatory is a room for rest. It allows you to sit and enjoy your garden in all its summer glory without getting sunburned, as the windows will keep out the UV rays. It’s also there to protect you when the rain comes in, and you’re a bit caught short if you’re out sunbathing or doing a bit of gardening to keep it in its summer glory. This might explain why people generally don’t go for a carpet in the conservatory, as it also retains the heat. You’ll need to have a lovely hard floor that makes it easy to clean, so when you are treading in mud and dirt, it is easily wipeable.

Some people don’t just use it as a pleasant place to watch the world go by. Many use it for yoga and as a useful little indoor gym. Yoga is all about getting yourself back to nature, so the conservatory is the place to get your yoga mat out and start your sun salutation or the taxing downward dog. If that’s not enough, you can also move in the gym equipment and turn the place into a mini gym. At the very least, you could get a gym cycle in there and look at the seasons change as you do the equivalent of the Tour De France to shed the pounds!

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Another use of the conservatory is the place for that annual Christmas dinner. Again, the garden plays the backdrop, but it also gives you the space to keep the living room free for the in-laws to sit around and watch the King’s speech. Conservatories are the ideal spot for socialising with friends over a few drinks and when insulated properly, can be made comfortable for both summer and winter use.