Where and how to place feng shui plants

Surely today you have heard a thousand times about Feng Shui, although especially in decoration matters. However, this oriental philosophy also has a lot to do with plants and we want to bring you closer to it. How to place feng shui plants? Explaining where you have to place them so that they transmit you peace and energy.

Without a doubt, Feng Shui is very broad and there are different ways of carrying it out. However, today we want to give you some keys that we hope will be very useful when deciding in which areas of the house you should place the plants.

Where to place feng shui plants

As we have advanced, plants and flowers are elements that are generally used to decorate and give a better appearance to patios and gardens, but in Feng Shui, they are essential pieces so that the energy of the home remains balanced. According to this philosophy, the correct placement of plants at home can bring the following benefits to both our physical and mental health:

Reduces anxiety: According to a study carried out by Washington State University, having a plant insight can help us feel less stressed in a matter of a few minutes.

Increases concentration and creativity: the presence of this item on a person’s desk can increase a person’s attention to their work and improve their ability to solve problems.

Supports recovery processes: according to a study by HortTechnology, patients recovered faster when exposed to the company of a plant during their healing process.

It makes us feel better: being in contact with nature improves our relationships and feels much happier.

Placement of feng shui plants

As much as some plants and flowers can attract good energy and luck in different areas of our life, if we do not know the orientation and the correct places where they have to be placed, they will not have the same effects. Therefore, below we indicate where to place the plants according to Feng Shui :

South Zone

The home’s southern area is within the Fire element, so plants, being composed in a certain way of wood, the fan that flame and keep it alive. The flowers in this place increase the ability to be more decisive and effective when solving a problem.

East and southeast areas

These areas are in the Wood element, so if we introduce plants (wooden living beings), we will improve the energy of these two areas of the home. Plants in these two areas will enhance good fortune financially, creativity, and social relationships. However, it is not convenient to saturate it with plants since you could achieve the opposite effect.

Dining room

The flowers in the area that we take advantage of to eat and spend a moment with the rest of the household members can improve both the relationships between them and increase the luck related to the money of all the people who live in that house.

Living room and the entrance of the house

According to Feng Shui, these two areas are also ideal for placing plants as they constantly improve harmony and luck in the home. However, you should avoid placing very large flowers if these areas are oriented to the southwest, northeast and northwest of your home as it will unbalance the energy in your home.

The bathroom

First of all, you have to bear in mind that the most negative room, according to Feng Shui, is the bathroom, so it is highly recommended that you place a plant in this place. However, you will have to change it from time to time, as it is very likely to wilt.

The bedroom

Instead, Feng Shui recommends that no more than two plants are placed in the bedroom and, when sleeping, you should remove them. On the other hand, they are ideal in kitchens and dining rooms to harmonize these environments.

Forgotten corners of the home

As for the most forgotten corners of the home, the ideal is to put plants such as palm trees with long leaves since they generate a lot of energy.

The corridors place leafy plants in a zigzag to interrupt the rapid movement that the flow of energy in the corridors can acquire. And if you have columns at home, try covering them with plants with rounded leaves to soften the vertical lines that symbolize division.

What plants to have at home according to feng shui

Although we have already seen some of the benefits of decorating our house with plants according to this philosophy, it is also true that there are better plants at some point in our home, and others that we should avoid since it could unbalance the energy. Next, we explain which are the most suitable plants to decorate a home according to Feng Shui.

Peonies: according to this culture, these pinkish flowers are used to attract love and romance into our lives. They are also ideal for attracting positive energy and solving some emotional problems.

Chrysanthemums: although there are various colors, the most used chrysanthemums in this philosophy are white, red and pink. This plant is usually placed in a home when we want to attract good fortune for all the members that inhabit that house.

Lotus flower: it is one of the most positive plants in Feng Shui. It signifies perfection and is generally placed to attract health, luck, and harmony in the home.

Orchids: According to this thought, these lilac-hued flowers signify purity, abundance and perfection. They are placed when we want to bring positive energy and luck to our home. They are also used when a couple is looking for a future baby as it is also a symbol of fertility.

Daffodils: yellow or white ones are usually used and are placed in a home because it increases our creativity and luck in studies and work.