Oak is incredible to build with

Oak is recognised as one of the most strongest and insulation woods that you can use. It has natural strength properties that set it apart from others. It has been the backbone of our Navy, in fact the HMS Victory has never been decommissioned so it can still see active service if need be!) where it was said it could resist direct hits from Cannonball fire, and it has been used in the building of our homes for supports like roof eaves.

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One of the most popular choices for the use of wood as a building material is with the construction of Oak Garages. Not only do they look amazingly stylish and full of heritage but they provided an excellent place to store the car as well.

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The thickness of Oak is what gives it the best properties for building. It is also excellent and begins to be treated with preservatives and paint that keep it looking rock solid and stop it from showing signs of decay and mould. Like many woods it has a natural resistance to this change. This is why you will see it in many stages of construction to do with support. For example it was always the go to wood for pit props and for railway sleepers. This is also why you see so many of the sleepers cropping up again in the garden for raised beds.


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