How to make Green Smoothies? Step by step guideline

Green Smoothies

The smoothies green are a natural drink, very healthy protein diet and are loaded with nutrients. They are prepared with fruit, raw vegetables and a liquid base (milk, water, coconut milk, soy, almonds …) You can use other ingredients such as sweeteners and flavorings (sugar, honey, maple syrup, mint leaves, etc.) to enhance its flavor. To increase its vitality, you can add superfoods. So, you’ll turn a green smoothie into a Super Smoothie!

For your preparation, you only need a blender or a blender if you prefer to prepare green juices.

How to make Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Let me show you a bit how to make green smoothies. The history of smoothie begins in the tropical countries of Latin America since it is common to drink whipped natural fruit. From the 60s this tradition extends to the United States, where it became fashionable, especially in the part of California.

Currently, its use has spread to all parts of the world, for its easy preparation and the number of nutrients that contribute to your body.

Continue reading and learn to prepare smoothies step by step

step by step

First step: Add a liquid base to your smoothie

The first step is to add a liquid base to your smoothie. There are many options you can use: water, milk in all its variants (cow, vegetable, soy, almond, coconut …), yogurt (Greek, natural yogurt, flavors), juices (orange juice, apple juice, lemon) and even tea.

To start, pour 1 or 2 glasses of the drink of your choice into your blender. At first, I recommend you to drink little liquid because if you have something thick, you can always add a little more at the end (it’s a matter of trying until you find the texture you like most for your smoothie).

It is advisable to pour the liquid at the beginning since in this way the blades will suffer less and lengthen the life of your blender.

Second step: Add fruits and vegetables to your green smoothie

Here the combination of foods that you can use is infinite, but it would be good if you used two pieces of fruit and combined it with a vegetable. Among the most popular fruits and vegetables we have: strawberry, kiwi, apple, banana, pear, pineapple, watermelon, melon, mango, spinach, lettuce, celery, cucumber, avocado, carrots … As you can see, the possibilities are many!

Each fruit and vegetable has its nutritional properties. So, you can make energy shakes, shakes to lose weight, for some ailment, for athletes and even shakes to combat constipation. The possibilities are endless!

There are many recipes you can make and try the ones that work best for you.

Third step: Flavors and sweeteners (optional in your smoothie)

Use the flavors and sweeteners to give a flavor spark to your smoothie recipes.

Many times due to the type of vegetable or fruit that you use, you will have a shake with a somewhat bitter flavor, or you will not have the sweetness that you like. The solution? Very easy. Try adding some of these ingredients: sugar, honey, maple syrup or agave, dates, mint leaves, cinnamon, etc.

Cinnamon is a good option since it does not contain almost calories. If you like the sweet taste, you know.

Fourth step: Superfoods (highly recommended)

Some vegetables stand out for having a high nutritional value and for that reason they have been given the name of superfoods or “superfoods.” All of them have in common a great source of nutrients very beneficial for your body.

You have to know that there are many, but the most used are alfalfa sprouts, turmeric, nibs of cocoa or powder, maca, bee pollen, ginger, chia seeds, goji berries, ashwagandha, spirulina, acai berries, etc.

Add a chute of extra energy to your favorite green smoothies!

Recipes of green smoothies


All right. Now that you know the steps you have to take to prepare a smoothie (easy, right?), I’ll show you an image that will be very useful for you to prepare your own personalized green smoothie recipes. I’ll show you my formula or perfect smoothie recipe!

In the image, you can see the fruits, vegetables, and liquids that I use most often, but if you do not like some ingredient, it is as easy as replacing it with another one that you like more. The idea is that it be:

  • 2 glasses of vegetables (carrot, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, kale, celery, beet, etc.). Choose 2 ingredients for your recipe.
  • 1 glass of liquid (water, milk, green tea, juice, etc.). Choose an ingredient for your smoothie.
  • 3 glasses of fruit (banana, apple, strawberries, mango, kiwi, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, etc.). Choose 2 or 3 ingredients to prepare your recipe.

You can also add ice or freeze the fruit. So that, your smoothie is fresher.