UGears Safe Puzzle

Intellectual toys are enjoyable for adults and children alike. There are numerous offers available on the market today, so everyone can find something to suits their preferences.

While yougears toys have been designed with primarily children in mind, their sophisticated mechanics can also engage parents to spend some time solving a puzzle together. These 3D models have been inspired by real-life machinery and mechanisms. They help kids of any age, depending on the selected product, to acquire useful skills and understanding of how things work in this world. All the toys are made of 100% wood, which makes them environmentally friendly and safe. Visit to find an example of such a useful device.

What Ugears Safe Is
Ugears Safe is an excellent example of educational DIY toys from the company’s product range. This is a great choice whenever you need a birthday or Christmas gift for a teenager 14+. Elder family members will be fascinated with its mechanics too, so this is actually a worthwhile option for users of any age category.

The task a player has to complete with this mechanical 3d safe puzzle is to assemble the toy using the provided set of finely crafted plywood panels and details. No glue or hardware items are required to accomplish the task. Everything you may need is included in the package. To help you work this out, a user manual is provided. Enjoy the thrilling fun that you will experience matching and fitting all those pieces together to build an integral mechanical structure that works like a charm.

Another funny activity available with the puzzle is ‘breaking’ the safe. Challenge your friends or family asking them to try to guess a ugears safe combination which unlocks the box. Put sweets or petty cash inside to boost their motivation. This way, the toy can serve not only as an original present but also as a pretext to summon your family and spend some time together.

The Toy’s Perks
What makes this ugears wooden safe really amazing for both kids and their sophisticated parents is how closely it simulates a real-world safe box. To assemble this 3D model, you are provided with 179 parts, which are to be smartly combined without any glue, adhesive materials or auxiliary tools. Also, the developers offer these features:

A 3-digit combination lock. The combinations are unique for each safe, so this toy can really serve as a small hiding place. Check the provided manual for your specific digit series.
The lock can be hacked by rotating the knob to guess the set combination. This allows children to play a role of a safe-breaker and explore mechanics in an enthralling way. Also, you can hold safe-breaking tournaments with your family or friends.
Inside the box, you can place an extra gift or bonus for a contest winner.
The purpose of the puzzle is to stimulate creativity and imagination in young people, arouse their interest in mechanics and make them learn practical skills through the game. Adults can test their mental and handcrafting abilities and have a good time with their family. Also, this toy can be a stylish decoration item in a themed interior of a children’s room or office.