5 Upgrades You Need in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a room that often shows signs of age well before the rest of the house does. With changing trends and the wear and tear that this room can undergo, your kitchen may be calling out for an update and upgrade. If you want to refresh and invigorate your kitchen, here are a few upgrades that can fit any budget.

Updated Hardware

You may be surprised at the massive difference small improvements can make. While you may be looking at larger projects, starting small is often the perfect first step. Even down to the finest detail of kitchen hardware Kansas City MO can fully transform a room right before your eyes.

Transformed Cabinets

Hardware is not the only update that can take your cabinets and features from drab to fab. Consider how a kitchen cabinet transformation like a fresh coat of pain, removal of the cabinet doors or featured wallpaper lining update your outdated culinary space.

Hidden Storage

While you are considering your storage areas, you should think about increasing the storage space that you have during your next big project. Adding storage into underutilized real estate around the kitchen or opting for furniture with storage capabilities can be the solution to clutter that you never knew you needed.

Added Island

If you have the space for it, add an island that can substantially increase your counter space and give you an area for preparation, entertaining and seating. Choose a multifunctional option that offers you everything from storage to seating to a visually appealing surface area and you can also increase the utility of your beautiful new kitchen.

Colorful Backsplash

Another wonderful way to revamp any kitchen is to add a backsplash. Not only does this add visual intrigue, but you can also add color, texture and patterns. Choose a tasteful but bright color and breathe a whole new life into your kitchen.

Refreshing a kitchen can offer wondrous benefits for the whole family. Don’t be afraid to tackle your outdated, unexciting kitchen so that you can create the aesthetically appealing space that you have always dreamt of.


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