How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home From Coronavirus

Disinfecting every surface of our home has never been on our minds. It becomes the frontline defense to keep us safe from the covid19. What scientists are exactly shown yet that coronavirus can survive on the surfaces for several days. So keeping high touch surfaces clean and disinfect daily is very important.

Note– Use disposable gloves that are dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting the virus.

Cleaning doesn’t disinfect, disinfecting doesn’t clean.

There is a difference between clean and disinfect that a lot of times people don’t understand. Cleaning is just the aspect of cleaning up the major dist and dirt. Cleaners are used to improve appearances. They are not effective at killing bacteria or viruses.

Disinfecting is the removal of infector diseases such as agents, bacterias, and viruses down to the acceptable level.

How To Use And Make Disinfact Spray?

Fortunately, covid19 is an easy virus to deactivate. Many of the household cleaner and disinfectant from the store will be affected against covid 19. Importantly use the EPA list of approved cleaners and disinfectants from the store.

Clean and disinfect

While using bleach you should be cautious about safety. Read the warning and the instructions from the body of the bottle. Then follow the steps…

  • Make sure windows and doors are open.
  • Wear protective gloves and a safe shirt.
  • Wear safety goggles to keep your eyes safe.
  • Get a spray bottle.
  • Use two tablespoons of bleach for four cups of water. And fill the spray bottle.
  • To clean the dishes use one tablespoon of bleach in one-gallon water.

IMPORTANT– Never mix bleach with other cleaners. It can be dangerous for the kid and pregnant woman.

How To Clean And Disinfect Furniture And Floor?

Before you can disinfect you must clean the area to be disinfected. To clean the furniture you can use a microfiber towel. Spray the cleaning disinfectant and clean every possible surface of furniture. It’s very important that the surface you are disinfecting is absolutely clean. To apply the disinfectants you can use the cleaning towel and must apply the disinfectant over the clean area very wet. Let it dry for ten minutes to kill the viruses and bacteria.

Follow the orders…

  • Clean the area before disinfecting.
  • Apply the disinfectant wet.
  • Dwell for ten minutes.
  • Wipe off disinfectant residue.

Note– This method can be used for cleaning and disinfecting the floor also.

Focus On Cleaning and Disinfecting The Most Frequently Touched Surface Of Your Home…

For examples-

  • Tables.
  • Door Knobs.
  • Light Switches.
  • Handles.
  • Desk.
  • Toilets.
  • Closet Sink.
  • Electronics- When it comes to electronics, research suggests that viruses can last a long time on this type of surface most used surfaces like a keyboard or phone. Research from Princeton University says that viruses can be longer on electronics than two or three days. To disinfect electronics items safely you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For soft surfaces such as carpeted floors, rugs, and regs. First, wipe off any specks of dirt or contaminants. Wash them in the laundry. If possible use warm water.

The most important topic, Wash your hands frequently…

Clean and disinfect

It is so important not only to reduce your chances of getting infected but it’s important to reduce your infection spread to others. A lot of people escape washing their hands because they think it’s not that important. Most people don’t wash their hands correctly, let’s see how it works properly…

  • Turn the water sink on.
  • Rinse your hands.
  • Apply liquids or soap.
  • Rub your hands for 20 seconds
  • Clean all the parts of the hands, back of the hands, fingers, fingertips, thumb, and wrists.
  • Rinse your hands again and dry with a paper towel.
  • Use the paper towel to turn off the sink.

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