Tips for Painting a Ceiling

If you’ve decided to tackle the task of painting your own ceiling, then some tips for this task will help make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re doing it yourself or having a professional contractor come in, you need to start by planning. Start by measuring the area so you can work out how much paint is required. Also consider what colours you will use and if any additional decorations like lighting and a Ceiling Rose will need to be purchased. Visit a site like Creative Cables Ceiling Roses for more information.

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If you’re painting the ceiling yourself, you’ll need to buy all of the supplies that are necessary, including a paint brush, roller and paint. Planning and buying the right supplies ahead of time will save time and money.

Next, you need to decide what type of finish you want to achieve on your ceiling. There are different finishes such as popcorn, textured, swirled or a simple smooth finish.  Some paints are much more durable than other paints. There are also specialist ceiling paints available that dry more slowly and don’t splatter.

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Finally, you’ll need to get a ladder and some sheets to cover any furniture. Take a look at your local hardware store to find a good ladder and the supplies you need to avoid making a mess. Before painting, ensure any cracks or holes are filled and dry before you begin so as to achieve the smoothest and most professional looking paint job.