Making the change – London to the Cotswolds

As for many people the world of work has changed a great deal since the pandemic, with many people now working from home permanently, it has given people a lot more freedom to choose where they want to live based on what they want from life rather than having to be a decent commuting distance from the office.

Demand for rural properties has gone up enormously since work from home became more common – with people seeking the rural and slower pace of life that living away from the city has to offer. Counties like Gloucestershire which are largely rural are a popular choice as local Gloucester estate agents tg residential will tell you!

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One of the reasons that more people have been seeking a rural lifestyle is the fact that it is much more relaxing generally. However, when you are thinking of moving to the countryside, especially if you haven’t lived rurally before there are definitely some things that you should consider before deciding to go…

Transport – If you are used to living in a city, you will be used to a good public transport network. Regular buses with frequent stops, trains that run all over the country and stations that are in walking distance and of course if you are in London the Underground which makes getting from place to place a doddle. However, in the countryside, public transport is much less accessible – if there are bus stops, they will often be quite a walk from home, and trains will likely to be found in the nearest city. If you are not someone who drives, then it can be a good idea to move to a town where you may be near to the countryside but with some of the transport benefits that you need.

Amenities – When you live in the city you will be used to having the things that you need within easy reach. Supermarkets are readily available and there will be a large choice of foods and shops. If you enjoy going out and socialising, there are also bars and restaurants to go to in the city and a good choice too. In the country there is not so much choice, and the places will usually be further away. It may be that there is one shop or a couple that serve the whole community, and the choice of bars and restaurants is not as extensive. If you are someone who likes to get out and shop or eat out regularly this is certainly something to think about.

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Schools – If you have kids, moving them to a new school is something that you will need to do when moving away. It is a good idea before you go to do some research into local schools, as there is generally less choice than in the city. Especially if you wanted to privately educate your children, it is certainly worth looking into the choices that you will have in the new area before making a commitment to moving.