How to open a trunk? Is it locked or just stuck?

A car’s trunk is always formed from two main components and a hinge system. To open it, you should understand these mechanisms first before going through the steps given below.

How to open a Trunk?

Try opening the trunk using the key first if the latch mechanism is not damaged. If you are sure that the latch mechanism is not damaged, then try to open it using a keyhole on a trunk’s outer side (check if there’s such a one first). Read more:How to rebuild and restore trunk

How to open a trunk

Remember to properly insert your key into this hole and turn it in both ways. It will take time, especially when you want to open your trunk with the key alone. With the help of a friend (or just someone to hold the car while you try to open the trunk), it will be easier and quicker.

If your trunk is not locked, you should know that there’s some other issue with it. Most likely, your trunk is stuck or damaged in one way or another.

How to Open a Stuck Trunk

If your car trunk latch mechanism is damaged, you need to find another way to open it. It can be easy or hard, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If you are not sure how to open your trunk with this type of issue, please get help from someone who knows a bit more about cars than you do.

How to Open an Empty Car Trunk That Is Stuck Open

In some cases, if something heavy inside the trunk prevents it from closing, your trunk will get stuck after a while. There’s nothing you can do to fix this kind of problem on your own unless you want to empty the trunk manually. However, if some spare tire components inside cannot be removed, then the only way for you would be to call a professional mechanic (or just take your car to a garage).

And…in most cases, this kind of issue will result in rather high repair costs and sometimes even may lead to serious damage or injury. So, we advise you not to make any attempts trying to open an empty trunk on your own when it gets stuck open like described above. Instead, try using one of these methods below:

1) Find out where the trunk latch is located in your car.

2) Get access to the trunk from another side -the one without a door-. For example, if the hatch/liftgate of your car can be opened or removed somehow, you should try doing it first. You will have much more space and time when working this way on your own.

3) Find some long and straight tool that would be similar in shape and size as a rod (or sometimes called crowbar). If none of these methods helped you open a stuck-open car trunk, then you need to call for help!

REMEMBER: NEVER stick any hand or fingers into the trunk space while trying to open it. It would be very dangerous and even lethal if you get jammed or crushed in there with your hand/fingers!