How to Build a Ventilated Roof? Improved Insulation of Your House

How to Build a Ventilated Roof

Currently betting on isolation is a constant in the technical innovations of construction. Without going any further, the emergence of wooden houses that have lived in recent years. It’s due to an awareness of the need to create more and better-isolated homes. It offers an energy efficiency consistent. Here we present how to build a ventilated roof. 

The comfort and economic savings expected from a new construction. It is usual to propose the inclusion in the construction of the ventilated roof house. An option that does not just increase the global price. It generates a remarkable improvement in the insulation and efficiency of housing.

How to Build a Ventilated Roof?

How to Build a Ventilated Roof

Below we detail the steps to follow for the execution of a ventilated roof:

Roof Slab

It runs the same as in a conventional cover. The insulation placed in later phases of the work.

Water-resistant board

The oriented fiberboard serves as a protective barrier for the structure on the beams of the roof slab.

Waterproof sheet

Create a total coverage of the roof of the house and the double tracing to give place to the air chamber.

Laying of roof covering

You can place any material on the double rake, be it slate, Arab tile or what we prefer as a roof finish.

What is a ventilated roof?

How to Build a Ventilated Roof

A normal roof of a house built by our experts, which executed placing on the slab of the roof itself. It has about 24 cm of insulation, an OSB board (oriented fiberboard made of water-resistant wood) and on it the roof covering. Whether it is slate, tile or whatever is desired aesthetically. It makes the structure ventilated and there is no heating of the same in summer or a cooling in winter. Resulting in a decrease in the quality of the insulation.

With a normal cover, we will have a more than sufficient capacity especially if we compare the system of light wood framing with other construction systems.

However, we can still improve this isolation by carrying out the reinforcement involved in the execution of a ventilated roof. Although the aforementioned beats and installed insulation generate a remarkable efficiency. It is true that when the covering is in contact with the structure. Some of the external temperatures can transmit to the interior of the house.

Now, generate a space between insulation and structure. We are creating an additional layer of separation and a cooling space in summer and a loss of cold in winter. It causes that temperature of the coating to be reduced before reaching the surface of the structure.

Moreover, when an air circulation is generated in the chamber it prevents the temperature from accumulating and maintains better the properties of 24 centimeters of insulation.

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To finish, we offer the following basic recommendations

How to Build a Ventilated Roof

Ventilate daily, especially in the mornings to let out all the poisonous carbon dioxide.  Which we release when breathing at night.

– When buying or renting a house, take into account the ventilation. Better with windows to the facade and interior courtyard to favor the currents.

Stractor situation. We give some general guidelines that should be followed:

-The fans should be used directly opposite the air inlets. So that, the ventilation flow passes through the entire contaminated area.

– Place the extractors close to the contamination centers to capture the air before it is diffused.

Remove the extractor from an open window or outside air inlet, to prevent it from entering the expelled air again.