Garage Security: 5 tips to make your garage safer

In the garage, we deposit our whole world. We protect gardening and DIY equipment, cars and two-wheeled vehicles. However, according to statistics, it is not among the safest in the house. A professional thief can break into the overhead door or the shutter in a few steps. Plus, it has darkness in its favor. It can act undisturbed without attracting the attention of prying eyes. The most common break-ins focus on locks in particular. A cut and a small forcing give free access to the box. So here are the tips on how to make your garage safer.

Garage Security tips

Garage Security

The sturdiness of the overhead door

A classic structure is essentially composed of a mobile part and a fixed one. The latter supports all the movement (counterweights, upper crosspiece and uprights). To make our garage safer, we, therefore, evaluate the robustness of the overhead door. The coating strictly in galvanized sheet must have a precise thickness, between 8/10 and 12/10.

Armor of the overhead door

Our garage will be really safe with a steel plate bolted to protect the lock. The overhead door’s armor (flat plate, corrugated, with the internal release, with horizontal wall bars) constitutes an anti-cut and anti-burglary guarantee. The reinforcement protects the garage from brutal attacks and drills, even the most modern ones.


To make our garage safer, we replace the standard lock. Let’s get a cylinder of the latest generation. The original equipment locks with a single hole open easily from the outside. To adequately protect our garage, we use locks with more than one locking point. They will be tear-proof, iron-proof as well as drill-proof.

Electronic anti-theft

Thieves usually act at night and perhaps after a thorough inspection. They do not harm the eye and avoid loud noises. To make our garage safer, we install the latest-generation electronic anti-theft device. We have the technician integrate an external siren, clearly visible. However, let’s turn to a serious, experienced and reliable staff.

Video surveillance kit

A video surveillance kit can make our garage safer. Basically, the system is very similar to that for homes. In addition, also external economic cameras are added. The mechanical eyes will check the entrance and interior of the garage. Motion detection cameras will be connected to the internet. In case of intrusion, they will warn us with a text message.