Tips for Decorating Minimalist Student Room

minimalist student room

Many young people decide to enroll in university and complete their education outside the home, moving to another city. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the faculty of their dreams in their home city.

In these weeks, off-site students will be looking for a room to move to, while others lucky, on the other hand, will have already found it ready to live for the first time alone. Often you share the apartment with friends at other times with perfect strangers, the important thing is to learn to share common areas and to reserve special care for private ones, to feel at home. Let’s discover the tips for a minimalist student room.

Decorate minimalist student room

Finding the right home to stay in during all the university years is not always easy; it takes a combination of time, luck and patience. Usually, when you rent a room, you don’t always have to furnish it entirely, more often than not, just personalizing it to give it a bit of character without forgetting practicality.

Over the years, it may happen that you have to change apartments, so you have to bring all your things with you. Here are some ideas to organize even the smallest spaces, focusing on style and simplicity.

minimalist student room

Choose practical furniture

The first thing to do is to choose practical and light furniture and furnishings, to be moved according to your needs, even on your own. In addition, to have a functional room, you have to make good use of the spaces and avoid choosing bulky items.

Since you will spend a lot of time in the bedroom, it is better to divide the sleeping area from that study even with a simple curtain. In order to have a little privacy or a corner all for you when you need it.

Normally, as mentioned before, the student rooms are almost completely furnished. If not, you can choose perfect minimal furniture to combine with any style. For the more creative, who love DIY and give the room a personal touch, you can use the pallet on which to place the mattress. Comfortable and light, it adapts to any environment and above all it is economical.

If, on the other hand, you have little space, you can choose a bed with a dresser, in which to store clothes and the change of season. In other cases, opt for a stand with wheels that can be moved as needed. Also useful and comfortable are the wall hangers where you can put jackets, scarves and bags and avoid taking away space in the wardrobe and having the room in a mess.

The desk is a key element in a student’s room. This does not mean that it must be large and cumbersome, just organize it. To optimize the surface, you can use colored organizers to customize, but also magnetic whiteboards on which to pin your commitments and notes or a spotlight lamp to be mounted on the wall, to have the surface of the desk free. If it doesn’t have drawers, you can think of buying a chest of drawers to put under the perfect desk to save space.

As for the bedside table, you can choose the classic, on which to place the lamp, the alarm clock and the books. If, on the other hand, you want a more creative solution, you can readjust a wooden box into a small square pouf.

Finally, it would help if you did not underestimate the importance of the laundry basket. Instead of envelopes or an anonymous container, you can decide for a refined wicker basket or a fabric structure. You must be guided only by your personal taste.

The walls

The walls of a room are the fundamental element; choosing the right colors can make the difference. If the room is small, it is better to focus on white or light colors. These will give a sense of depth and give the right light.

If you want to give character to the environment, you can decide to decorate a wall with a contrasting color to match with the rest of the accessories. Red will give a dynamic aspect, pink, ideal if you want to give a touch of femininity. For those in search of calm and tranquility, they can choose blue or green.

Prints and posters are the perfect solutions to enrich and give the room personality. If your budget is small, you can group your favorite photos and create a small collage, to be framed with wallpaper cutouts, for an immediate impact.

In the student room, light is essential, so you can place a chain of lights on the bed or desk and thus recreate a cozy and elegant environment.

The fabrics

The fabrics are simple and inexpensive furnishings, which allow you to customize the room and are easy to take away if you have to leave the apartment. In addition to curtains that allow you to filter the light during the warmer months and provide the right privacy, bed linen also plays an important role.

The right sheets or bedspread allow the room to look completely different. The colored ones transform the bed into the center of the room, especially if you have chosen minimal furniture. The cushions in the appropriate colors and the matching carpet are enough and in a moment, the room will take on a warm and welcoming aspect of the minimalist student room.