Start Your Fitness Journey

Remember your New Year’s resolutions… didn’t think so. Now’s not the time for recriminations though and I am not here to criticise what we have all done in our time! The past is done, and we can only change the future. So let’s get started.

Here we look at how to start your fitness journey, how to make it to the gym, and how to live when you’re away from it. The time to stop beating yourself up is now, and the best way to do that is to start the journey, and here are some ways to get going…


Fitness Journey

Whether good or bad, they are hard to break. So that extra biscuit with your cup of tea is going to be harder to get rid of than you may think. But just remember this, once you have broken the bad habits, and established some good ones, such as going to the gym, then these in time will be hard to break and will feel normal. The worst bit is always the start – but there is hope. You won’t change overnight, so instead try and introduce new things gradually, replacing bad habits with good, and one at a time – that way it will not feel like a massive upheaval. Before long, you’ll be on the downward slope to a healthier you. But you have to start somewhere!


Fitness Journey

Many of us intend to exercise at home, but the equipment becomes part of the furniture, literally. Again the key is small steps, do a little more each day, even going for a walk more often – the dog will thank you too!


Fitness Journey

What kills effort is a lack of motivation, but this can be overcome. Share your intentions with friends and family – you may even find yourself a training partner because of this (and that’s a big bonus). Make sure you document your journey, but not on the scales, they are not motivational. Instead, take selfies, and review regularly to see the change, and keep an honest food diary for consideration as needed.


Fitness Journey

They always say, and for good reason, make your goals S.M.A.R.T. Specific, so not just I want to be healthy; Measurable, so perhaps lose 2 lbs a week; Achievable, nothing is as self-defeating as unachievable goals; Relevant and Time based, so perhaps I want to be able to run a mile after 1 month.

Perhaps it might be an idea to write down your goals and leave them around the house so that you are reminded of them and motivated by them. They are not a tool to beat yourself up with, but a source of inspiration, which is why they must be smart!


Fitness Journey

At times you will undoubtedly struggle, and you may even feel like quitting. But only through effort and working through failures do we ever achieve our goals. Giving up will not get you anywhere. That said, slip-ups shouldn’t be overly criticised or punished. Note it, and move on. Likewise though, do not overly reward yourself after every achievement – people often feel able to eat more because they’ve worked out, but the idea is to be calorie deficient i.e. consume less than you burn, so burning more is only good if you don’t eat more too!


Fitness Journey

Fitness is not a destination, it is a journey. Once achieved it can be soon lost again if we simply stop. It is like a bucket of water with a hole, to stay fully fit, you need to keep topping it up. Yes, rest is important, but so is commitment.

This commitment is to yourself, to become healthier, and maybe happier as a result. Making a decision to change is great, however, enacting it is what counts. But then with these tips you can achieve your goals, the only question is when will you start?

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