How to Overcome Laziness? 5 Effective Strategies

How to overcome Laziness

Give him the name you prefer: laziness, sloth, demotivation, idleness or maybe your problem is not this. It’s just that you are so clouded and overloaded that you are paralyzed by the environment. However, after all the result is always the same: the immobility in the face of things to do. Do you know how to overcome laziness? You are in the right place. Let’s dive into it. 

The result of this laziness, of not doing what we have to do or doing it with unwillingness. It has direct consequences on our quality of life. Furthermore, the sense of guilt damages our self-esteem. Change your healthy living plan.

How to overcome Laziness

Each of us knows that feeling in all its meanings. Even if we do not always know how to distinguish them well and we group them all in the same bag. After all, the strategies to overcome the situation, regardless of what is behind it, are the same. Overcome laziness is easier than it seems, you just have to decide to do it and put some simple strategies into practice.

How to overcome laziness?

There are many ways to overcome laziness. Some methods require the analysis of the real problem or set concrete objectives to set a goal that serves as a beacon, but it is not as complicated as it seems.

The following strategies will be useful in every situation, initiated by them to quickly get practical results. Their advantage is that you do not have to start overthinking, so you can mechanize the system to apply when you have to rush to do something.

First things simple

Although it seems obvious, we must remember that to do something; we must start from the beginning. To think of doing it is not valid, one must be practical. Read this riddle carefully: “There are three sparrows on a tree, two of them want to fly. How many sparrows are there now? “

How to overcome Laziness

There are always three sparrows. As long as the sparrows that “want” to jump do not, they will remain on the branch. The same thing happens for laziness: it is useless to “think” of doing something if we do not then do it.

The problem is the block that accompanies laziness: where to start? Do not complicate your life and start with the simplest part. If, instead, there is not an easier and a more complex thing to choose from, simplify your decision starting from the first thing that happens to you. It’s not the best way to get organized, but it’s certainly the most effective way to start doing something.

One step at a time

Another big problem that blocks us and makes us lazy is that the tasks are so substantial that we get confused. To get out of this situation, it is advisable to divide the duties into smaller “sub-tasks” to reduce the pressure and stay motivated.

How to overcome Laziness

For this purpose, you have to think about what is to be done, but it is not so difficult. First, divide the task into 3, 4 or 5 parts (the ones you need, but make sure they are not too many). If you are still confused and frightened, take the first part and share it again, leaving the others for when the time comes. If you feel that it is still too much for you, continue to divide the parts until you get something that you can face and do not have a point of reference from which to advance.

To achieve good results, the idea is to divide everything into small parts and plan their development. By itself, this task may scare you, but remember that we are talking about overcome laziness, not achieving maximum productivity and efficiency so that you can be content for the moment.

Make a list of things to do

We often clash with confused situations that contain a lot of work to do; in these conditions, it is difficult not to get lost in the middle. How can we start with the easiest thing if we do not know what to do? Also, sometimes, there is the aggravating factor that was going one step at a time is almost impossible because every task is in itself.

How to overcome Laziness

To solve this situation, sit down and take note of what you need to do by using a list of the format you like best. Take notes on a sheet or individual post-it notes that you can arrange. For example, on a bulletin board. Give yourself this instant to define your things to do.

Now that you have the list, you can decide. Eliminate unnecessary tasks and postponed those less urgent. Then take the most straightforward job, the one that takes you less time, and take the first step. Then, move forward one step after another, following the list. Do not judge yourself, do not try to tackle the problem in its entirety; just, go ahead, popping up what you have already done.

Visualize the benefits of a task performed

You are too lazy to do something because your mind goes immediately to the effort required. Think about what will happen when that something has been done.

How to overcome Laziness

Visualize the result and let yourself be overwhelmed by contentment: this will fill you with energy and restore your motivation. Viewing the duties you have already completed helps you to overcome the inner resistance that prevents you from committing yourself.

Visualization also helps you to formulate hypotheses on how to solve possible problems in accomplishing a task or to efficiently reflect on where to start.

Eliminate distractions

How to overcome Laziness

Usually, distractions are the main sources of laziness and are the only reason why we decide to procrastinate, which makes our responsibilities even less appealing.

Whatever the element that distracts you, eliminate it. Make sure that, once you begin to face your duties, there is nothing to distract you. After all, you know that overcome laziness is possible.