Bathroom Tips: how to clean a bathroom step by step

Bathroom cleaning tips

Are you getting tired of bathroom cleaning? We give you the keys for proper cleaning of the bathroom or toilet of your house. Among the keys to cleaning the bathroom are: the bathtub, the sink, the shower, and the tiles. Here we present very important tips about how to clean a bathroom step by step.

There are many areas to handle for proper cleaning of the bathroom. In addition to the most important areas to clean it is necessary to take into account aspects such as humidity, mold.

How to clean a bathroom step by stephow to clean a bathroom step by step

Calves for a correct cleaning of the bathroom include areas such as the bath or shower, the sink, and the toilet, as well as the walls and floors (tiles and tiles). However, there are surrounding areas that it is important to clean with attention such as the screen or shower curtain, the mirror or the ventilation grid. In addition to the appliances that may be located in the bathroom.

Clean the bathtub

Tips and tricks for the correct cleaning of the bathtub in our bathroom. Follow these tips and it will be easier for you to keep your bathroom clean longer.

Clean the shower

Keeping the shower clean is a must. The main enemy of the shower and its cubicle is calcification; In any case, do not need a commercial product to be expensive. Control it by dedicating a few minutes per week with this simple and respectful practice with the environment.

Clean the sink

The sink is one of the critical pieces of bathroom cleaning. In addition to the sink and the washbasin cabinet, we must pay particular attention to the tap, both outside and inside and the drain. It is important to avoid clogging in the drain.

Clean the toilet

Toilets contribute to the reproduction of bacteria. Destroy them with a weekly cleaning. If used by several people, clean it every day with a dash of cleaners. Care and cleaning of tile floors and bathroom tiles. As well as it’s cleaning depending on the materials.

Clean the mold off the bathroom

To eliminate the frame that is generated in the bathroom, we will help with a broom and an old towel. In this way it will be easy for us to reach the upper areas of the toilet, and for the most inaccessible corners or the joints, we will use an old toothbrush.

Clean the mold from the carpet

The non-slip mat we have inside the bathtub is a source of bacteria, especially mold. It is important to clean it after each use to prevent the accumulation of black frame and pose a danger to our health.

Clean lime from the shower

Lime is deposited on the screens, tiles, and faucets, leaving them ugly and dull. To remove the lime when we need to clean the bathroom, we will use a vinegar-based cleansing product, the best anti-scale and ideal for hard water areas.

 Clean the shower screen

Once in the afternoon to clean the bathroom, one of the most critical areas is the shower screen. The accumulation of soap, lime scale and splashes of water spoil the stay. When you clean the windows with ammonia and water, you can take advantage of giving a hand to the screen with the same mixture.

Clean the bathroom mirror

To clean the bathroom mirror and prevent it from fogging up with the steam we create when bathing or showering, there is a straightforward solution. With a sprayer, in which there is a mixture of vinegar and water, we spray the mirror of our bathroom to clean it. Then we will dry it with a cotton cloth.

Final thought,

It is very necessary to keep bathroom clean daily to safe from germs. Otherwise, various types of diseases will affect to us. To keep ourselves healthy we must know how to clean a bathroom step by step.