Clean Your House, Kitchen, Washroom and Balcony within 3 hours

There are no miracles. We know that a complete cleaning can last a whole day, two, three. It depends on the size of the house. So, in this article today we give you some ideas to clean your house in a short time when we know we are going to receive a visit. 

We work all day and do not always have time and patience to put the rug in its place, hang the clothes. We just take off or put the dishwasher. The houses are to be lived.

Clean your house within 3 hours

Clean Your House
Clean Your House

Our roadmap for a quick and dynamic cleaning will help you. Or at least we hope … Let’s go there!

Prepare for 10 minutes

You have to start by shaking off your laziness and leaving it on the couch. When time is short, all distractions are dangerous. Now, set a time.

I advise you to take all the material before you start, so you do not have to interrupt your work continuously by going to look for it. Garbage bags, cleaning products, broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, bucket, among other things. If you are a very organized person, you can even make a list of pending tasks, so you do not forget anything.

Sweep and collect in 35 minutes

What causes the most excellent sense of disorder? That thing is out of place. So this is the first step. Collect and store all scattered objects throughout the house. The clean cups in the cupboard, the dirty glasses in the dishwasher, the chairs placed, the pillows and cushions well placed, the bath towels hanging. These are the little things that make the difference. Then sweep the space and get rid of the waste.

Clean your house and organize the room for 30 minutes

To fix the room without the scattered objects in your field of vision, use a vacuum cleaner to clean deep in the sofas and corners of the walls. Do not vacuum large objects, as they can damage your vacuum cleaner.

With a cloth, clean your house surfaces and throw them the right product to make them shine. Finally, you have to scrub the floor making sure that the detergent you are using is suitable for the material that covers the floor of your house. It seems obvious, but there are those who still damage their soil by being somewhat careless. Leave the windows open to dry the floor quickly.

Clean the kitchen in 40 minutes

The kitchen is where you will probably find the heaviest work. Fats can be the main cause of your headaches.

It is not always easy to eliminate it, especially when dealing with fats in tight spaces between appliances. Therefore, prepare a bucket with water and a degreasing product (which can be a neutral detergent). Alcohol can also be a good option for cleaning appliances.

Next, use a multi-purpose detergent to clean the hood and the outside of the refrigerator. Leave the sink for the last, since you will need it during cleaning. Finally, sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe with a damp cloth or mop.

Organize the room in 30 minutes

Remove all the things that are on top of the bed and store them quickly in the drawers and cabinets. Change the sheets and pillowcases and vacuum every corner of the room. For window panes, use your product or a cloth moistened with alcohol.

Aspirate the carpets and wipe or mop the floor to leave a pleasant smell in the room. Open the window to dry more quickly.

Clean the bathroom in 20 minutes

In the bathroom it is, above all, to rub and rub. And do not forget the inside of the toilet! Choose an appropriate product for the maintenance of this element so that it is always clean. Let it act. Clean the mirror and sink area well, some of the most visible parts are. Give a new life to your bathroom!

Organize the balcony or terrace in 10 minutes

Sweep the space and remove the leaves. Put water in a bucket and throw it in this area to remove the remaining dirt. Clean the tables and chairs and vacuum the outdoor cushions. Give shine to your plants and remove dead or withered leaves.

Finish in 5 minutes

Is everything already completed clean your house? Now give the final touch to clean your house by adding candles, air fresheners, incense. The fresh and colorful flowers also provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness to the house. Everything is under control to receive your guests!