Garden spruce up ideas this summer

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, then the sunny weather will be drawing you outside to spend time there. Is the space a bit neglected or messy? Well, now is the time to get out there and tidy up and here are some ideas to get started:

Spruce up wooden garden furniture – If your table and chairs have been left out over the winter, it is probably looking a little shabby. Consider some chalk paint, which is great for outdoor use, and choose a bright, summer shade to breathe fresh life into garden furniture.

PathCreate some extra interest in your garden by adding stepping stones to create a meandering path around your garden. This works well for gardens with varying heights and sections. Buying stones is a cost effective way to achieve this without laying paving or concrete, for example.

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Solar lights – Simple, require no power cables and provide gentle, relaxing ambient light in the summer evenings. There are so many different designs to choose from, whatever your taste and they are great for the environment too!

Mower maintenance – If your mower hasn’t been out of the shed for a few months, now is the time to dust it down, consider if you require Briggs and Stratton Parts, check the fuel and oil and clean the air filter. When you are in need of Briggs and Stratton Parts, go to Briggs Bits.

Zone upFor larger gardens, consider adding different zones with different seating, for example. Areas can focus on different pursuits, such as quiet reading nooks and space for socialising or barbecuing.  This means every member of the household can have a space that suits their needs.

Plant pots – A range of multi-sized and multi-coloured plant pots will transform an area into a tropical summer paradise. Dot them around the seating area to create a stunning and fun garden space to spend time in.

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Add a mirror – Did you know that you can make a garden look bigger by hanging a mirror? If you have a gloomy corner, hang a weatherproof mirror to instantly lighten and largen this corner of your garden.

Succulents – If you’re not overly green-fingered and have a tendency to forget to water plants, consider a bed of lush, green succulents. These plants come in a wide variety of interesting shapes, sizes and colours and are practically indestructible!