How to Take Care of Plants in Summer

how to take care of plants in summer

Spring and summer are the seasons of the year when our plants will look greener and leafier. With the arrival of high temperatures, we must change the care habits and adapt them so that they survive adverse weather conditions. It’s easy to make mistakes, like watering them too much or exposing them too much to the sun. Therefore, we recommend that you follow some practical tips on how to take care of plants in summer.

How to take care of plants in summer?

how to take care of plants in summer

Watering is one of the basic care of plants. Do you know what is the best time of day to water in the summer? The first thing to keep in mind is how often you have to water the plants. It is important that you establish certain differences since the amount of water will vary between them. Look at the temperature, the dryness of the environment and the size of the pots, since the smallest will require daily watering.

Something basic is not to water in the central hours of the day, but first thing in the morning or at dusk. In this way, you will avoid burns on the leaves and help the soil retain moisture for longer.

Take care for plants in summer is easily

Try not to expose the most delicate species to direct sun and spray them frequently. Be careful of abruptly putting a shade-grown plant in the sun. You can give your indoor plants a little vacation and place them on the terrace, but as long as they do not receive direct sunlight. Also, pay attention to the pots in which they are located, since these can overheat and burn the roots of the most delicate plants.

Although you do not have a terrace on which to place your plants, they also need care. On hot and dry days a good spray will do you good. Clean sheet by sheet with a sponge soaked in warm water. Open windows frequently for good ventilation.

Pay attention to the fertilization of the plants in summer

Don’t neglect the most common types of pests that can attack your garden. As in spring, in summer the plants are still growing and it is important that we pay attention to the subscriber. To develop much more vigorously and reinforce new ones, remove the withered flowers and dry leaves.

The insect pests are abundant at this time and have to regularly apply treatments against parasites. Get advice on what chemicals you can use to avoid removing other useful insects, such as ladybugs. It is frequent that you find the red spider in hot and dry environments, as well as mealybugs and aphids, the latter especially, in the rose bushes. Collect information on how to prevent pests.

With all these tips it will be easy for all your plants to arrive at the end of the summer in perfect condition. Plus, you still have time to plant summer bulbs, like dahlias, and fast-flowering seeds, like sunflowers, that will give your deck great color. What do you think of these simple care for your plants in summer? Will, you put them into practice? Keep Reading how to germinate seeds.