How to Care for Rosemary Indoors and Outdoors

how to care for rosemary indoors

If you have dared to grow rosemary in your home, it is a great idea, since it is a plant whose leaves give off a very pleasant aroma at all times. It is a beautiful plant with beautiful blue flowers that you will see in spring and summer. It is an ideal plant for people who have little time because it requires very little care other than the basic ones. Here, we tell you how to care for rosemary indoors and outdoors so that your plant remains in perfect condition.

How to care for rosemary indoors?

Rosemary is a perfect plant to give color and life to any patio or terrace throughout the year, as well as it is important to highlight the multiple medicinal properties of rosemary that will help you improve countless conditions. It is also an ideal plant if you have little time to dedicate to it, since its care is very limited.

Step 1:

Aside from watering and fertilizing in the spring with slow-release granular fertilizer, you will have to cut the stems of the plant when the flowers begin to wilt, as this will keep the plant compact.

how to care for rosemary indoors

As we have mentioned, to grow and care for rosemary you don’t have to be an experienced gardener. It is a plant that can be given the shape you want, if you do not like it to grow disorderly, you can prune it in the way you like and even give it some definite shape. Rosemary can grow to more than 2 meters in height so you can get creative and prune as you wish, always with caution so that it does not lose its compact structure. But we emphasize that pruning is voluntary, it is enough to remove the parts that are dried and in spring to stand out so that the bush is shiny and growth is favored.

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Step 2:

To sow the rosemary plant you must take into account the type of soil, it is important that it has good water drainage. Although it is true that the plant is so strong and flexible that it adapts to any type of soil, it is preferable that there is no stagnation of water. And that there are good proportions of fertilizer, especially during the hottest times such as in spring and summer. Regarding the fertilizer, it is recommended that every year with the resumption of the plant a complete mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is put.

how to care for rosemary outdoors

Step 3:

Regarding light needs, rosemary needs direct sunlight, but special care must be taken so that it is not exposed to the wind. Before cultivating it, take this information into account to guide it in an area that does not have a lot of normal airflow. As for the amount of water that rosemary needs, it is with the measure. Regarding the irrigation, the rosemary prefers drylands, not very watered.

Care must be taken not to soak too much so that puddles remain because this excess moisture is not well tolerated by the plant. The greatest water needs are during the growth period and during flowering.

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