How to add some soft touches to your sofa

When you feel that the sofa of your dreams is finally in place there is still room for improvement. A living room thrives on its central features and a lovely Vintage Style Sofa can be that final piece of the proverbial jigsaw puzzle that you are looking for. The next step is where you are going to place the sofa to give the living room the maximum impact. Correct, perfect placement also means that you can make me most of any views out of windows that you might have. When this is all arranged to the specifications that you like you can then begin to build the rest of the room around the sofa.

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For many of us, the living room is our haven. It is where we come to escape the stress and strains of the world. The living room is our space, and extension of our likes and interests and for that of our families. Some of us prefer to have several books around the place. It’s also not uncommon to find a cabinet devoted to family photos and other personal keepsakes.

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Finishing the sofa is where the real sense of comfort comes from. The soft furnishings of curtains as a complimentary colour and element of the living room can play a vital role in achieving the kind of look you want in the living room. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cushion positioned in the right place and the right time.

Russell Crown
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