Growing Trend of Multifunctional Furniture

Multitasking is something that we do every single day.  From work to home, we are busy people that are very capable of getting multiple things done at once.  Believe it or not, there is a growing trend and desire for furniture that can handle multiple functions.  The trend stems from homeowners’ desire for less clutter and more space. Furniture pieces that are multifunctional cut down on the unnecessary.  Most importantly they reduce clutter and waste, which most top real estate agents believe is one of the most important items to tackle to improve the appearance of your home.

Living Room Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

There is no doubt that your living room sees quite a bit of traffic which means there is quite a bit of clutter.  Add a multifunctional piece or two to your living room to control everyday clutter.  The most notable multifunctional furniture in the living room is a coffee table.  While a basic coffee table may be the perfect spot to kick up your feet after a long day it is an area where clutter can easily build up. With a multifunctional coffee table, you can utilize the variety of storage the area provides.  Many multifunctional coffee tables have a lift-up tabletop with plenty of storage space for remotes, writing instruments, and everyday clutter.

If you are like most homeowners you have out-of-town guests that visit from time to time.  But if your home does not have a guest bedroom, a visit can get crowded very quickly.  One easy furniture fix that will keep your guests comfortable and reduce clutter is multifunctional chairs and sofas.  You’ve undoubtedly heard of fold-out couches that double as a bed and a sitting area but there are newer accent chairs that can fold out into a cozy sleeping area.  These chairs are comfortable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Kitchen Multifunctional Furniture

best Kitchen Multifunctional Furniture

Small kitchens have very little cabinet space and even less space for sprawling countertops and tables. If you aren’t ready to remodel your kitchen or build your dream home, you’ll need to find multifunctional kitchen furniture. To alleviate clutter and give you plenty of elbow room at the table, you can invest in a multifunctional kitchen table.  Most models have expanding leaflets and one entire side that is complete with shelves.  These tables work well with barstools and small dining chairs.  

Bedroom Multifunctional Furniture 

Best Bedroom Multifunctional Furniture 

Some might think that their bed is just a spot for sleeping.  But your bed can actually be the perfect place to store extra clothes and other clutter. Storage platform beds appear to be normal beds, however with a quick pull of a tab, the mattress lifts.  Below is a ton of storage space that you can easily access. As a bonus, these storage beds have a minimalist design but often have beautifully crafted headboards.

A final multifunctional piece that was popular decades ago and is making a comeback right now is a tray table floor lamp.  These combine much-needed light and storage for even the smallest of spaces.  Some have hidden storage below the table while others have built-in USB ports for charging electronics.  They are also the perfect size to double as a bedside nightstand.

Even homeowners who are looking for unique and modern pieces can find something that is designer-friendly while still multifunctional.  For instance, many homeowners have added cushioned sitting areas surrounded on both sides by bookshelves.  These can be as large or as small as you would like with as many shelving areas as you need.  These are smart choices for offices, bedrooms, and playrooms.

Using multifunctional furniture in your home will control clutter and keep your home looking clean and spacious.  It will also make your life much easier by providing ample space and flexibility in all of your rooms.

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