What to do with Broken Glass

We have all encountered broken glass from time to time – a smashed up bottle on the pavement, an accident whilst washing up or a football from next door comes sailing in through the window. Broken glass is notoriously dangerous as well – we all remember the scene in ‘Die Hard’ where John McClane is pulling glass from his blood-stained feet – so what are the best ways to ensure we stay safe around glass.

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The first thing to do is to get all children and pets out of the way of the glass, put them in another room if possible. Then make sure that you have a jacket on with thick sleeves and a good quality pair of gloves to protect you from any splinters.

Once you have swept all of the glass up, and vacuumed through thoroughly that may be all that you need to do, but if you have a broken window, for example you may notice that there are some parts of the glass still in the window frame. In this situation, it is best to leave these where they are, and call a specialised company to repair it such as the glass suppliers Bristol Roman glass.

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When it comes to disposal, you may be able to recycle your broken glass. It is worth getting in touch with your local council to check this. If not, it is essential that you secure it well before putting it in your waste bin so that it doesn’t injure the person collecting it.