Trucking Accident Attorneys

Driving next to a truck can be scary for several people, since the cases of accidents caused by this type of vehicle are more common than expected, these accidents can be disastrous. Many of the victims seek some type of compensation upon realizing that the accident was caused by the negligence of the driver or the company that owns the truck.

In Michigan when you suffer from this type of accident, it is best to locate a semi truck accident law firm, which is part of a large firm that has this experience, in order to obtain the respective compensation and justice, which many companies and insurers will avoid.

About accidents involving this type of vehicle

Being one of the countries with the most records of different types of trucks used by companies to transport products, accidents caused by these same vehicles tend to be unfortunately very popular, especially on the large highways found in Michigan.

The statistics of the year 2019 that mark a year of considerable commercial movement, reports that more than 16 thousand accidents occurred due to this type of vehicle in this state.

With this in mind, many organizations have taken the power to help improve the road and its safety, to avoid the increase in victims, but in case you are a victim of this type of accident, there are law firms that are responsible of these cases to advise and represent anyone who seeks them, one of them being the Mike Morse law firm, which has knowledge of this type of case.

Causes of this type of accident

It must be taken into account that no accident is the same as another, there may be similarities, which the lawyers of the Mike Morse firm have managed to describe for the public, and many of them are:

  • Driver negligence, one of the most common cases, and that on many occasions’ drivers tend to ignore traffic rules, some cases are: they are easily distracted while driving, they do not stop when passing a STOP sign or they drastically change lanes without noticing their surroundings.
  • Drivers are overloaded with work, in some cases many companies put a lot of pressure on their drivers to arrive at the destination in extreme times, which can cause the driver not to notice failures on the road due to the same pressure, among many other things. .
  • Carelessness in the vehicles, there are opportunities in which the companies do not follow the rules of care of the trucks and the drivers abuse the handling of the vehicle, leading it to certain parts begin to fail.

Importance of going to a law firm

Being a victim of this type of accident, which results in serious injuries, if the victim does not have the necessary resources to cover the expenses that recovery may entail, opting for compensation will help cover these expenses, but for this the victim must opt for the advice of a lawyer to receive what is fair.

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