Tips on keeping warm for you

If you want to keep warm there are many ways to achieve this and we wanted to help you by coming up with some suggestions.

When you are in your home and that chill is in the air there is nothing nicer than wrapping up and getting cosy but sometimes a blanket just doesn’t cut it.  Check out these tips!

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One thing you can do within your home to keep warm is to make sure you bleed your radiators from the bottom of your home to the top.  You will need a radiator key, some cloth and slowly turn the key releasing the air until some of the water starts to run. Once you have done all the radiators you will find that the cold spots will disappear.  Have you also looked at the placement of your radiators as sometimes the heat will get lost through windows, up the stairs or end up heating a coat that you have left hanging.  This is obviously a waste of heat and you will want to re look at positioning.

If you have an open plan house a clever way of keeping the warmth in the main living room is to put up curtains to separate the front room and the dining room.  This works surprisingly well and will allow you to keep the sections of your house in their own compartments.

How old is your heating system?  Do you need to get a specialist in like a Cheltenham Boiler service company to come in and check it for you who are certified and trained from sites like   This will make sure that your heating is working to its full potential and push the hot water round your radiators quickly and efficiently.

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Some people have learnt that whilst cooking tea your oven builds up quite a lot of heat and for some reason we then take our food out and close the oven door loosing that heat.  What we could do if it safe is leave the oven door slightly ajar to let the heat into the house.  You will notice a difference straight away.

So here is one last tip you can do which is a little romantic or sweet and that is all the family get on one sofa and cuddle up under blanket.  Your body warmth will build up and start to keep you nice and toasty.   Also get your family up occasionally and do some fun dancing and jumping with each other as exercise will get your heart pumping.