How to remove mold from walls

How to remove mold from walls

The home requires a whole series of care to stay in good condition, thus coexisting in the best possible environment. The walls are one of the surfaces that need your attention so that the state of the home is good since in many cases they accumulate dirt for different reasons or even suffer the appearance of black mold, which is dangerous for our health.

Mold usually appears on the walls due to excess moisture in them. Suppose you want to know how to remove mold from the walls with home remedies, learn the best products and methods to achieve it and discover how to avoid its appearance. In that case, we recommend that you continue reading this article and always use a mask for the moment you go. Clean up the mold to avoid health problems.

How to remove mold from walls?

The hydrogen peroxide will help you remove mold from the walls if you use it correctly. Do you not know how? Following the steps to remove mold from the walls with hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide:

Use 3% hydrogen peroxide. You must spray it on the affected areas of the walls by mold.
Wait an estimated 10 minutes for the hydrogen peroxide to act on the mold.
Dampen a cloth in water and, with its help, clean the moldy areas to remove all the remains. Thus, you will eliminate the spores that the mold contains and prevent it from reproducing more.
You can use hydrogen peroxide several times to completely remove mold from the walls. However, if you see that the area is too wet, let it dry completely and another day, you can use this product again until there are no stains.

Remove mold from walls with vinegar

Another solution with which you will make mold disappear from the home walls is with apple or white vinegar. Get it by following these steps to use vinegar to remove mold on the wall:

In a bottle, add vinegar and spray it directly on the moldy areas of the walls.
For very large areas, dilute the vinegar with water to counteract its powerful aroma. In any case, applying only vinegar is the most effective option.
Let the vinegar work for several hours.
Scrub the treated areas with a brush to completely remove the mold.
You can also add a little essential oil of a flavor that you like to the vinegar to alleviate its strong smell.

Tea tree for damp and mold on the wall

Tea tree oil is an effective wall mold removal remedy because it has very powerful antifungal properties. You just have to follow these steps to apply it correctly:

Mix two cups of water with one tablespoon of tea tree oil (use two tablespoons maximum).
Apply it to the affected areas and let it act and dry itself.
In the following days, you will see that this product will have eliminated the black mold on the wall or, at least, part of it, depending on how much there is. So if there is still, reapply more of this diluted oil.
If the smell of this oil is very powerful for you, you can put on a mask by diluting it in the water and during the entire wall cleaning process, remembering that it is necessary to prevent you from breathing in mold.

Remove mold from the wall with bleach

Bleach is an effective remedy to get rid of mold present on the wall, but you must be careful when using it to not damage your skin or breathe it in. For this reason, we help you discover how to use bleach to remove mold from the walls through the following procedure safely:

In a bucket, make a mixture of water and bleach: add one of bleach for every three cups of water.
Dampen a sturdy brush with the created mixture of water and bleach.
Scrub moldy walls with this brush. Do it with intensity and until the spots disappear completely.

Remove mold from walls with baking soda

A natural product that will help you get rid of mold on your walls is baking soda. To use baking soda to remove mold from the wall properly, you must follow these steps:

Mix the baking soda with a little water in a bowl.
With the resulting solution, you should spray it on the moldy areas of your home walls. Another option is to dip a brush in this mixture and rub the wall with it.
Wait several minutes for the mixture to work on the mold.
With a cloth dipped in a little water, rinse the walls to remove all dirt.

Citrus seed extract to remove mold from walls

The citrus seed extract also works to remove mold from the walls and has its main advantage, compared to other remedies, its soft and fresh aroma. Apply it properly using the following procedure:

Mix two cups of water with 20 drops of the extract.
Add the mixture to a spray.
Spray the walls with the spray solution.
Let the mixture work without cleaning or rinsing the surface.

Prevent mold from growing on the walls

After discovering how to remove mold from walls with different methods and products, we help you prevent it with the following tips to prevent mold from growing on the wall:

Control humidity. Mold spores reproduce rapidly in high humidity conditions, so you should reduce them throughout your home.
Try to ventilate in the best possible way the house areas that do not have specific air extraction or ventilation systems, such as the bathroom or a basement. Allow air to flow by opening doors and windows.
Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers in rooms that are most difficult to ventilate. Opt for the first option in summer and the second in winter.
Use anti-mold paints to care for the walls.
Clean the wettest parts of the home frequently.
Keep clothes and shoes dry.