How to Protect Your Home From COVID19 With Cleaning and Hygiene

For the past year, most of our attention has been on staying safe from COVID19. From staying at home to more frequent hand-washing and wearing a face covering in public places, non-essential store closures and social distancing, the way of life for many people around the world has become vastly different as a result of the pandemic. While home is somewhere that you should feel safe, many people worry about the prospect of bringing the virus indoors after going out for essential supplies. Since it can live on surfaces and be transferred by touch, there are several key strategies to keep in mind to keep COVID19 out of your home.

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Additional Cleaning:

Keeping the surfaces in your home clean is important to reducing the risk of COVID19 in the home. Pay special attention to high-touch areas like door handles, light switches, and floors that the virus might have been transferred to from your hands or feet, and use approved disinfectants after cleaning them on a daily basis. If somebody in your household has been diagnosed with COVID19 or you have been visited by somebody who has since tested positive for the virus, it might be worth getting a professional cleaning service to disinfect every surface in your home with a fogging machine.


Keeping your hands clean is still one of the simplest and most effective methods of defense against the coronavirus, and making sure that you wash and sanitize your hands often will reduce the risk of you transferring the virus to surfaces in your home. It is a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you so that if you have to go out for groceries, you can quickly use it to clean your hands before arriving home. Once you get home, washing your hands for at least sixty seconds with antibacterial soap and running water should be the first thing that you do. If you have to touch any surfaces in your home before you get to the sink to wash your hands, go back and clean them afterwards, then wash your hands again.

Staying Safe When Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home:

The good news is that with the right amount of hand hygiene and limiting your trips outdoors to those that are essential only, you can seriously reduce the risk of transferring COVID19 to surfaces in your home and putting your health at risk. However, when cleaning and disinfecting your home, it’s important to make sure that you do so safely, as chemicals in cleaning products can pose a risk of their own to your health. Protect your skin and eyes as much as possible when cleaning and disinfecting, and avoid mixing cleaning products and different chemicals together since this can produce extremely toxic fumes. Only use the cleaning product for its intended purpose and follow the instructions for use.

Over the past year, cleaning and personal hygiene has become even more important for people looking to reduce their risk of catching COVID19. Using approved disinfectants to clean high-touch areas in your home will kill any virus particles and protect your health. If you’re looking for more ways to flu proof your home, visit CleanMyTribe.