Packing ready for a house move

The pandemic seems to have had an impact on people’s desire to move home. This could be due to people wanting to move closer to their family members or even looking for places that have access to more open spaces. When it comes to planning a home move there are a number of things that you can do to help make the whole process run a little smoother.

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After you have exchanged contracts and you have an idea of when you might like to move, you can start looking through your furniture and other items ready for moving day. Here are a few tips to make sure you are ready.

  • Look at your storage options such as those Self Storage Chorley units from companies like Andrew Porter. This way you can move any items that you don’t need to use and move them into the storage unit whilst you pack up more boxes. You can also move in any furniture items that you are not using.

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  • By labelling your boxes with the name of the room that they are to be placed in, it means that when your removal firm comes to transporting your boxes they can put them in the right places. This helps to save you time.
  • When you sort through your items, take the opportunity to throw away anything that you no longer need. These could be donated or taken to the local tip.