How to Keep Auburn Hair From Fading

how to keep auburn hair from fading

When we choose a color for our hair, we must also learn to protect it to always be fabulous. Red (in its various shades) has always been a lively and lively color. Auburn hair gives everyone a rebellious and seductive touch.

However, it must be remembered that the copper tones are very demanding. They require some care because over time they tend to lose light and give a tired look, not very nice to look at. In this article, we tell you how to keep auburn hair from fading.

Whether it’s your natural color or a tint, we recommend that you learn how to take care of auburn hair. Discover some tricks to keep them always impeccable.

How to keep auburn hair from fading?

Starting from the principle that choosing color is an art, you need to understand which tone of red harmonizes best with your complexion. To do this, you need to evaluate whether your skin has a cold or warm hue. It is equally important to take into account the natural color of the hair and eyes.

how to keep auburn hair from fading

Natural reds typically have a cold-toned complexion, almost always with freckles. If you aim for a natural look, therefore, you must also pay attention to these details. If your face has these characteristics, then auburn hair will look great on you. This does not mean that it is not possible to intervene on the complexion with a little makeup.

  • Light eyes and hair: orange, chestnut-brown, chocolate colors.
  • Natural tanned complexion: cherry red and burgundy.
  • Very tanned skin: mahogany and wine red reflections.

Auburn hair products

The colors tend to lose light and intensity with the washes. However, this process can be slowed down with appropriate treatment. It should also be borne in mind that dyed hair is always drier than natural hair.

To make the tint last longer, you need to use a neutral pH sulfate-free shampoo. And, of course, specific products for dyed hair depending on the shade.

Finally, with excessive use of the hairdryer and the straightener, we mistreat the hair and make it dull. Consequently, it is important to hydrate them on a regular basis. We advise you to use products designed to hydrate and treat red hair.

How often do you shampoo?

The size of the red colored molecules means that they do not penetrate the hair sufficiently, therefore they disperse more easily. This aspect must also be taken into account when choosing the color, i.e. how often we wash the hair.

In order for the hair coloring to last for a long time, and perhaps a little longer than expected, the instructions for applying the product must be followed carefully. For example, when choosing one of the shades of red, you have to wait at least two days before washing your hair.

Comb your hair before bedtime

If you already do, we give you one more reason. Bleached hair has three characteristics: it is thinner, more fragile and weaker, therefore it tends to form knots. To avoid this, comb your hair with a wide and flat brush.

The capillary bulb tends to become weaker in situations characterized by stress, excessive fatigue, hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition or aging. These factors cause early hair loss. The hair also becomes thinner, which prevents the fibres from retaining the dye evenly.

In addition to following a healthy diet, we can improve hair health by taking specific supplements from time to time. They are usually found in capsules and give good results in a short time.

You can take vitamin supplements for three months (after applying the tint) and then take a break for at least a month. The best supplements are based on vitamin D, zinc, omega 3: these nutrients help keep hair strong and healthy.

Natural colors to enhance the tone of auburn hair

If you love copper shades and want to keep them shiny, you can resort to herbs. For the liveliest and boldest tones, you can apply a little red tea after shampooing.

Remember: although it is necessary to touch up the tint every month to keep the color bright, you can also try alternative methods to avoid abusing the chemicals that make them up.

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