How to get rid of small insects in kitchen?

Many times at home, we realize that there are small insects that are, above all, in the kitchen. Their presence, in many cases, is not related to good weather but responds to certain products in the home, such as fruits or foods that are not in perfect condition.

The truth is that these insects are annoying. They are also in other rooms to be attracted by other scents that may be in them, such as perfumes or air fresheners. Here, we give you some tips on how to get rid of small insects in kitchen so they do not bother you.

How to get rid of small insects in kitchen

How to get rid of small insects in kitchen

In the presence of insects in the kitchen, the first thing you should do is to detect the cause of their appearance. As we have commented previously, they are for the fruit that is left out of the fridge and for having foods that have become bad.

It has an easy solution. The fruit always has to be left in fruit bowls that can be covered but that allow the pieces to be in contact with the air. Throw away all the remains of food in decomposition, cleaning well all the area where they have been to prevent the insects continue to be attracted to any minimal rest that has remained on countertops, fruit bowls, dishes, et cetera.

Flyswatter and insecticide for fruit flies

The problem of having insects in the kitchen is quite common, so there are many remedies you can find in establishments that are not usually very expensive.

The electric flyswatters: These are an alternative to eliminate them. With this type of apparatus, the insects are attracted and end up stuck to the light device. In recent years, another type of device that works with ultrasound has appeared.

The insecticides: These are also effective. But in this case, you must be careful in their use because they never have to be applied to food or utensils such as glasses or cutlery, among others. Everything should always be well stored in the cupboards or refrigerator. In addition, it is important that you notice that they are specific for use at home. Another option is those that connect to a light socket.

Home remedies to eliminate small flies

small flies

Apart from these commercial systems discussed, there are other alternatives you can take into account to eliminate insects from the kitchen and that are prepared easily at home.

Natural products: One of the easiest ways is to use natural products for which they are attracted, but which are harmful. Within this group, there are some that are very popular and traditional. For example, a good option is to cut a lemon and place some nails on them. You will see how the insects disappear, frightened away by the smell.

Aromatic herbs: Among the most effective, is the basil, which is a great insect repellent. If you can not get it, you can use other herbs that are the small leaf.

Transparent plastic bags: These are equally useful for eliminating insects from the kitchen. Here, the solution is to fill them with water and hang them from the ceiling or in a high area. The trick is that these bags make a magnifying glass and the insects see the augmented objects, which deters them. Because of that, you have to think about your placement well depending on where the insects are.

Apple cider vinegar: Another solution is to use apple cider vinegar, as it has a repellent effect. This product has to be placed inside a jar which is covered with a funnel made of paper and will help to catch them because they can enter the container, but they will not know where to go.

Brown sugar: This is also useful to kill insects in the kitchen. Its use is similar to that of apple cider vinegar. In fact, you can put it mixed with a little water and two tablespoons of fresh yeast in the jar or in a plastic bottle, then placing the funnel. Both with the apple cider vinegar and with the sugar preparation, some experts advise covering the container with a black plastic bag because it has been proven that this color attracts the insects. Thus, they will approach and fall into the container, but they will not know how to get out of it.


These are tips that we have given you in how to get rid of small insects in kitchen. If the problem is not solved with them and there is a large presence of these insects, it would be convenient to consult with experts or pest control companies in the home.