A complete guideline for buying a modular home

buying a modular home

The modular houses are a reality that came to stay. But in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years. Today we tell you everything you need to know about this great housing option and how to gain them. And it is that, with all business in rising and successful. There are plenty of scammers and speculators who seek to take advantage of people.

If you are in search of a home, but you do not find the ideal area or until the moment all the options you have seen the escape from your budget. Then maybe you need one of the inexpensive modular houses that abound in the market.

Do not forget if something is too good to be true. Then most likely it is not. Many people talk about modular houses that do not cost $5000 USD. Are they real, is it a scam?

buying a modular home

Guideline for buying a modular home

Companies have used a smart marketing strategy. With the remaining material that is left over from making the panels for the larger houses, they are making miniature panels for the not very famous mini modular houses.

These beautiful miniature houses are reminiscent of a tree house and are perfect for placing in the garden. Some people use them as a greenhouse and others simply as rooms to store tools. The detail is in the name with which they go out to the market. The most economical of these mini houses can cost $4000 USD with free shipping!

Obviously, when people observe that price; immediately enter the manufacturer’s page to later realize that it is a house of 12 square meters.

It is a house with a colonial style, and it is exquisite on the outside, but not very practical on the inside. Both the thermal and acoustic insulation is not the best, to the point of being able to say they are almost null. It does not have a bathroom, so it can not be considered a real one-bedroom house for one person.

But then, are these famous modular houses on the market? As we had told you before, as a marketing strategy. Companies start by showing the most economical and beautiful option in sight, but that is not at all functional for living with the whole family.

The real houses exist and their prices are much more accessible than if you had to build a house from scratch and even a house you buy to invest in remodeling.

Price ranges

Price ranges of a real modular house

Many modular houses have names according to their model and the manufacturer that assembles them. Again, it is a simple marketing strategy, but when we see the price, we realize the reality of saving.

A clear example is the Allwood Eagle Point. It is a modular house with two floors. With 33 square meters on the top floor, there are two rooms: the main one.

On the lower floor of 66 square meters, there is an additional room, a living room, the kitchen, and a large bathroom. The house also includes a deck on which it can place an outdoor table.

Taking advantage of each element

Take advantage

Using natural light is incredible thanks to its large windows. It has not neglected the thermal and acoustic insulation. The shipping of this home is free, but how many does it cost? It ranges between $ 46,900 USD and $ 48,000 USD, however; That’s not the most surprising thing. The amazing thing is that you can buy it on Amazon!

This is one of the most surprising factors of many modular houses nowadays. Being something so big and really difficult to exhibit to reach a large audience; companies have opted to advertise on the network and carry out their business from different sales portals, from Amazon to Ebay and others.

Literally, you can buy the house of your dreams online and within two months if you have the staff to put it together. You will live in a real home. And remember that thanks to free shipping and an offer that you could take advantage of when buying a plot where to assemble it; you would save up to 40% of the total amount you would have invested in building a house from scratch or buying one.

Other options

Other options according to their price range

The price options for this housing vary according to the material in which it manufactures the panels. They can be concrete, steel or wood; and the style also varies independently of the material. The maximum price range for this home ranges from $ 150,000 USD to $ 200,000 USD. All costs included. Not just move it, but pay assemblers and furnish it.

Hence, many people attest that the savings gap is at least 30%; so it adjusts the options in the market according to your budget.

However, you can also opt for a modality that many people are using today: buy modular cabins. The cabins are smaller houses, rustic style. Some include a bathroom.

The price of them starts at $7000 USD, so you can save a lot of money and, with passaging time; You could attach other panels and even another floor. But for this, you must make sure you have bought a 100% modular house.

However, to clarify all the doubts you may still have; Pay attention to the following points of which we will discuss in our definitive guide to buying a modular house.

modular house

The steps you should always follow when buying a modular house

Whether you’re shopping online or a local company in your country, the first thing you should always do is investigate the manufacturer. Even if take a ride in your car to see the houses, you have already built. Being such a new market. Previous clients are more than willing to give their opinion so that new families can take the step or not.

Do not just make sure you are dealing with a real company. Check if people who already have their manufactured homes are happy with the decision they made. That way you will not lose your money if it is a bad investment.

The second thing you should do is buy a 100% modular house. Remember that, for mortgage insurance and other factors; modular houses are often difficult to manage, even for sale. So buy a house with the vision it is something definitive. In that case, a home that allows you to remodel, expand, and adjust according to your needs; It must always be your priority.

Although the simplest models are very economical if you want to save money in the long term. Make sure you buy a 100% modular house, so you can add a second or third floor over the years. And our last advice to buy one of these houses in the most economical way is: buy a plot at a good price.

You cannot save on labor unless you build it. It is very unlikely that the manufacturer will significantly lower the price. Space, where you plan to build your house, can represent a great opportunity to save a lot of money. Use your merchant skills to haggle, bid and always try to get the best price when buying empty land. It is the best way to save a large amount of capital and protect your investment.