How to Decorate a Minimalist Dorm Room

Minimalist Dorm Room

The dorm room is one of the most intimate places, and that is precisely why it is one of the most defining of our personality in the whole house. When decorating it, as with other environments, it is convenient to take into account the space we have when we give free rein to our desires and imagination. The minimalist dorm room is an excellent option since it is extremely harmonious and peaceful. No stridence, much less at bedtime.

Decorate a minimalist dorm room

The minimalist style is the most avant-garde in the decoration: The furniture with barely soft curves and especially straight lines are what define the furniture of this style. In addition to the purity of the lines, modern designs can be arranged between the pieces that are perfect for creating a pleasant and current environment, and of course, without losing functionality.

Minimalist Dorm Room Design

Straight lines, sobriety, whites, earth and some green color prevail, which can be incorporated with natural material, always with very lanceolate leaves and long ends. In any case, care must be taken not to fall into black and white. Synthesis and sobriety is not uniformity or monochromy. Minimalism is a great decorative option for a bedroom: the setting must be minimal and merely functional, and everything must be extremely clean. It is a style that provides great serenity and very simple to achieve.

Some basic recommendations:

– Choose a simple bed, be it wood, iron, bronze. No matter the material, what matters is that it has very simple lines.

– Dress the bed, omitting lots of pillows or pillows.

– Select dressers and dressers also with simple lines, without fancy ornaments or ornaments.

– Light tables are simple if lamps are used on them, which do not have elaborate lines, preferably they must be cubic or cylindrical.

– Bulky cloth curtains should not be placed on windows. Simply opt for a system of rods, be they plastic, wood, or other material.

– Do not abuse the use of carpets. The floor must be unobstructed.

– Avoid clutter, do not leave clothes thrown or accumulated.

– Avoid using too many pictures, photos or ornaments. The walls should also be clear.

– Establish a base chair as a place where the clothes and shoes that are in use will be supported.

In the minimalist dorm room style, some touches of color are necessary, some touches with distinctive elements too: a cushion that stands out, a striped textile design in strong colors or an interesting colored luminaire. Any special design not too baroque can be the element that focuses attention, a fundamental theme in minimalism.

We must not lose sight that there is an interest in minimalism. There are calls for attention. There is fun. It is not a boring style. An important issue to keep in mind: nothing of vases, nothing of golden ornaments, nothing of decorations of baroque or Renaissance tastes, nothing that breaks the rational climate.