Three Problems that you Might Experience When Living in the Countryside

Living in the countryside is the dream life for many people. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with beautiful views and country walks right on the doorstep, it offers a much more relaxed pace of life.

However, when you live rurally, there are other things to consider that you might not have done if you have previously lived in a city or a town. Here are some of them…

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Access to Facilities – The countryside is beautiful because there is not a lot of infrastructure there – however, this means that you need to think about things like shopping and public transport, as well as the commute to work. Going out and popping to the shops for example, is not as quick or easy as it is in a town, and if you don’t drive, public transport can be problematic when you live rurally, so do think about this before you move to the countryside.

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Security – Although city centres are usually considered the place that you are most likely to v=be the victim of a crime, it is certainly not unheard of to be burgled in the countryside. Without the bright lights around, it is easy for burglars to access a property. Think about security solutions to prevent this, such as contacting someone like this electric gate installers Cheltenham based company to restrict access to your property and invest in a good security camera and alarm system.

Utilities – In a rural area, the way that you heat and power your home may well be different. Many homes in the countryside do not have links to drainage and sewer systems that urban homes have for example, so in this case your home will have a septic tank. This needs to be cared for as well as emptied every so often.

You should also consider things like internet access, as this will likely be worse in most rural areas, and the fast internet speeds that are found in the cities may not be there in a rural setting, so if you rely on the internet to work from home for example, consider if this is the right move for you.