Six common roof types

We all know the expression “a roof over our head”. What it, of course, alludes to is that shelter is probably third in the trio of things that are vital to us, just after food and water. Through the centuries and across different cultures, we have come up with many ways to keep the elements out.

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Practicality or aesthetics.

While a roof is there for practical reasons, it is also a major factor in the appearance of a property. A good architect can get the best out of even a simple structure, but in a practical sense, let’s look at some of the options. The basics are explained here:

First is the classic gable roof. In Britain, this is probably the most common type, together with its cousin, the clipped gable roof, which makes it four-sided with two small tranches sloping down on either end. The gable roof is ideal for dispersing rain, which is why it is so widely used in the UK. In more Northerly climates, you will notice an even more extreme pitch to a gabled roof to stop snow from settling.

Next is the Gambrel roof, which is also a pitched roof but goes in two stages to reach the peak. The ease of adding windows and extra space for upper rooms or a loft are the major advantages of this type.

Another variation on a pitched roof style is the hip roof, with four sides meeting at the peak or hip.

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An even more elaborate version is the Mansard roof which is a four-sided roof with an added pyramid shape on the top. This style originated in France and many fine examples can be seen there. Its sheer elegance accounts for its widespread adoption over the years.

Finally, there is the much-maligned flat roof, a relatively low-cost alternative. Provided that sealing and drainage are well maintained, this design should never be overlooked. The simplicity of the design suits many architectural styles, from art-deco through to mid-century modern. For further information on Roofing Cheltenham and across the country, together with roofing options, examples and detailed information, there are a range of specialist sites.

Different styles, different solutions.

Whether it is roofing in Cheltenham or Chelmsford, the balance between design, practicality, and ease of maintenance all go into the decisions made about roofing and we can expect further innovation in the future.