Before you get air con ensure you do the following

If you’ve been finding out about the benefits of air conditioning, then you’re probably considering installing an air conditioning unit at home. So, what are the first things to think about before choosing a unit? You will want to choose one that is economical, long lasting and suitable for your property. For details on Air con Gloucester, go to a site like

  1. Air conditioner types

Firstly, it’s important to know that there are different types of air conditioning units that are ideally suited to domestic or commercial properties. Here are some of the types:

Ductless Mini Split System – Some homeowners won’t like the idea of ducts running through rooms and don’t require all rooms of the property to be air conditioned. For those people, a ductless mini split system is ideal. There are versions that can be installed inside or outside and for the interior of the home, they can be wall-mounted units. Different units for different rooms means that each room can set its own ideal temperature. However, a bigger property might struggle to get enough cooling with this mini system.

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Central Air Con – A central or duct system is perfect for cooling larger properties and multiple rooms that all require temperature control at the same time. A split system regulates the cold air through ducts placed around the home, with an exterior unit containing a compressor and condenser and an internal unit containing the air handler.

Portable – These units are small enough to be carried between rooms with all components built in. They are ideal for short term temporary cooling of a room but can be expensive to run and quite loud when operating.

Floor Mounted – These work in the same way as a ductless mini split system but are floor standing for homes with angled walls or nowhere convenient to wall mount.

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When deciding which model to choose, factor in these considerations as well:

  1. How much is the initial set up and what will the running costs be?

Finding out about energy consumption is important. The cheapest unit might not be the most economical if the cost to run it is prohibitively high.

  1. How much space is required?

The type of unit to suit your needs will depend very much on how much available space you have. Some take up more room than others and some will need to be placed in different areas, so this is important to know before you commit.

  1. Air quality

The quality of the air that is emitted is measured by manufacturing companies and it will be good to know what rating each unit has and if it satisfies your concerns over health and wellbeing.

  1. Installation

How much disruption will be involved in the installation of your system? Considerations will also need to be given to the location of the unit in your home. It ideally needs to be positioned out of direct sunlight and somewhere there is a good flow of air.

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