What is doorscaping anyway?

Considered one of the biggest autumn-inspired trends of the last few years, doorscaping is the process of carefully decorating and dressing your home’s entrance for the autumn season.
Social media influencers have brought doorscaping into the mainstream in recent years, showcasing imagery of stunning autumnal wreaths adorning their front doors alongside pumpkin displays, seasonal doormats and carefully curated foliage. If you’d like to give doorscaping a go, here are our top tips.

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Upgrade Your Door

Before beginning your doorscaping project, you’ll want to make sure the door itself is in tip-top condition – after all, it forms the foundation of your scene. Revamp a tired front door with a lick of fresh paint and clean any hardware, such as the door handle and letter box, to get your door gleaming.

You could switch it up with an earthy-toned paint colour or replace worn-out hardware too. For those looking to replace a door completely, consider upgrading to UPVC doors Stroud. UPVC doors in Stroud, or elsewhere in the UK, will effectively insulate against the autumn chill and require less maintenance than their timber counterparts.

Dress Your Door

A scroll through social media can help inspire your doorscaping project. You could dress your door with autumn-inspired, leafy garlands and wreaths or fill baskets with hay, mini pumpkins and fresh foliage and flowers. Place them strategically around your doorway and consider soft, cosy lighting, such as an outdoor lantern. Choosing faux flowers and leaves will boost lasting power.

Choose Wreaths and Pumpkins

Pumpkins add a perfect seasonal touch to any doorscaping project. Pick a range of colours, adding white, green or grey squash and pumpkin to contrast with the traditional Halloween orange. As long as you don’t carve them, pumpkins won’t begin to rot for several weeks, making them the perfect accessory for your doorway.

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Wreaths, foliage and garlands are another key addition to your autumnal scene. Hang a traditional wreath on your door or frame it with a garland. Include oranges, reds, whites and browns, and fill out spaces with pinecones or pumpkins for a seasonal finish.