Can I really hang a chandelier there?

There are a few places that you just wouldn’t envision hanging a ceiling fixture like a chandelier. When you hear the word, it invokes pictures of French castles and gigantic assembly halls, yet probably not your downstairs toilet! However, these days, there are no boundaries in terms of where a chandelier can be positioned to look amazing in your home. Here are a few suggestions:

The Bedroom

The majority of us would mull over introducing such a sizable lighting fitting over our beds. In addition to the fact that it would perhaps look overpowering, we would normally reserve such stand-out pieces for areas of higher footfall in the home. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that a smaller crystal light fixture would look astounding in a bedroom. You’ll give the room a genuine dash of extravagance, romance and wonder that will make you feel like a million dollars. Dimmable lights likewise make the ideal climate for unwinding and loosening up. Ensure your light fitting is set off perfectly with a stylish ceiling rose. For an exciting range of Ceiling Roses, visit

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You likely think this recommendation is somewhat bonkers. How might you be able to conceivably hang a chandelier outside? Wouldn’t it get damaged the elements? Modern materials in fact do allow for this very prospect. In the event that you have a unique porch, yard, patio or balcony, such a light fitting can transform the presence of the space.

In the Bathroom

Depending on the tallness of your ceiling, a light fixture can be the ideal expansion in making a sumptuous 5-star hotel style bathroom suite. Picture the delight of unwinding in the tub while looking at the lights glinting off the gems suspended above you. Safety-wise, it’s advisable not to hang a light fitting directly over a bath. Choosing a bespoke light fixture is a great idea as you can accommodate your lighting to fit your space.

For the Kitchen

For bigger kitchens, a light fixture looks awesome when set over an island counter for instance. It can change the room into a fascinating and exquisite space. Kitchens should be utilitarian, yet there is no reason why they can’t be adorned with central light fitting to ‘wow’.  In a kitchen where cooking happens, the perfect spot is away from stoves and boilers or the lighting will draw in oil and earth particles. A low upkeep and less multifaceted light fixture is perfect for this sort of high-traffic room.

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Home office

Chandeliers can work well in both retail and office environments and there’s no reason why the same can’t be said of your home office or study. Offices do need task lighting to enlighten workstations appropriately, but often this can result in a harsh, artificial feel that tires the eyes. A crystal fitting brings a layer of inviting warmth, mollifying the space around it and transforming a clinical environment into an exquisite and soothing one.


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