Bath or shower? Advantages and disadvantages of each

In recent years it seems that the choice between bathtub and shower tray is quite common. Many are the people who, when reforming the bathroom, consider what solution to give; and it is not for less because both elements are totally different. Bath or shower? What do you think? Would you know which one to choose? How To Clean A Bathroom Step By Step?

Bath or shower?

Bath or shower

In today’s article, we analyze both alternatives a little more in-depth about Bath or shower. Bathtubs to enjoy relaxing baths or showers for people who have a more hectic pace of life. We invite you to read this article and then tell us what is the best alternative for you.

Space issue

If you have large bathrooms you will have no problem, either of the two options can help you. However, in small bathrooms, the showers are better. The shower trays greatly enlarged stay. Also, if you use a glass screen you will gain double space visually by eliminating barriers to light. As for the bathtubs, this war is lost, as they generally take up much more space than shower trays.

Time is short

Before deciding, think about how much time you invest in personal hygiene. Some people prefer to soak for a long time, enjoying a bubble bath. Others, perhaps because of the hectic pace of life to which we are subjected, are much more practical and invest less time taking a quick shower. In this case, the decision will be directly linked to the pace of life we have.

Accessibility for the elderly

For those who are older or live with an old person at home, undoubtedly the shower trays are more recommended, especially if you put a fixed glass instead of a full screen. A gap through which older people can enter and exit without problems. In addition, you can also place handles on the sides. In the bathtubs too, but to enter, the elderly will find a step that is not always easy to overcome.

Bath or shower

Saving water

In this aspect again the showers win; and is that we can not deny that showering is always less expensive, talking about water and energy consumption, than bathing in a bathtub. However, there are also models of showers that can spend a lot of water, such as those in a column that have jets of water under pressure. Before buying one, it is advisable to find out how much we can spend with each of them.

Children at home

When it seemed that the battle was won by the shower trays, the children arrive. Yes, if we have children at home it is always more advisable to have a bathtub. Why? Bath time is a fun time for most children, as they usually enjoy playing in the water. A shower will not allow that (although it is also true that there are plastic bathtubs that you can place inside, but it will always be more uncomfortable).

Tough design between both options

In terms of design, the truth is that both options can be very interesting. The shower trays are functional and with a certain minimalist touch. However, the bathtubs are elegant, being able to find many models that go from the typical bathtub to the oval bathtubs or the kidney baths, without forgetting the angular bathtubs.

After all the above tell us: What is the best option for you? Bath or shower? We hope this article helps you.