The art of replacing sealant.

There comes a time in every bathroom’s life when it reaches the stage of replacing the sealant. You can clearly tell when this is as it becomes discoloured and also black. This is an indication that mold is possibly growing at worst. At the very least it shows that moisture is getting in behind the tiles. Whatever the situation it is most definitely telling you it is time to change it.

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Sadly you can’t just stick a new amount of sealant on top. The original sealant must be completely removed before you add the new. This is where you will need some Silicone sealant remover. Simply cutting along the lines of the existing sealant and pulling it out is not enough as there will be harder pieces that have set rock hard. This is exactly what you want the sealant to do so it is not an issue. In fact it is reassuring that the last job was done so well.

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Once the old sealant is completely gone it is time to clean and dry out the area that you are going to apply the new sealant to. Sealant comes in a long tube that has a directional point on the end of it. You will need a pressure led trigger dispenser or caulking gun that fits around the tube. As you pull the trigger it pushes a flat plunger into the back of the tube so that it pushes to sealant out through the pointed end. This allows you to direct the stream of sealant into the aperture between the tiles and the sink, bath or shower unit.

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