How to make your wood floors shine – the natural way

Wood flooring is an asset to every home, but these natural floor coverings need special care and attention, especially when compared to other flooring types such as vinyl or lino. Well cared for, wooden floors will last for years, but they are also relatively easy to damage with incorrect cleaning or bad treatment. Wood floors are an option that you might be looking for in a new home but before you start hunting it is also a good idea to have a decent estate agent and Conveyancing Solicitors London based to look after you. A visit to is a very good place to start. How can you maintain that beautiful wood floor in your new place?

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Avoiding toxic cleaners

When you do clean your wood floors in the right way, they will shine with a beautiful rich hue that really warms your interior space. However, many commercial wood cleaning preparations are full of toxic chemicals that you may prefer to keep out of your home, especially if you have children or pets. Simple plain water will remove any surface dust and light spills of most kinds, but it won’t really clean the floor or bring out their shine. Water can also damage wood floors, depending on its finish, as wood will absorb moisture and swell up.

It is possible however to make non-toxic cleaners that allow you to remove dust and grime without damaging the floor itself. Firstly, make sure you are dusting or sweeping the floor everyday, especially areas that see heavy traffic, such as doorways and halls.

When you are ready for a proper clean, combine vegetable oil and white vinegar in equal parts in a spray bottle. Make sure you mix up the cleaner every time, rather than re-using an old batch.

The weekly clean

Use this mix and a cloth mop to clean the floor each week. You may find that less heavily used parts of the floor need less frequent cleaning. Simply spritz your natural cleanser onto solid wood flooring and then use the mop to lift any dirt. The formulation will work in two ways. Vinegar lifts dirt and vegetable oil provides a natural conditioner for the wood itself to provide shine and to prevent it from becoming dry.

Use a soft towel or another clean soft mop to wipe away the residue. If you buff it using a circular motion you will bring out the natural shine of the wood. If you find that the floor is very dirty when you begin, then add a pre-wash of plain white vinegar to really tackle the grime, before following up with your oil and vinegar solution.

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